Bags of Rubbish

Bags of Rubbish

Hello again, and straight onto the goings on in our house, mad as usual. Today it’s the bags of rubbish that we seem to be a magnet for!

A friend turned up the other day with a plastic bag full of bottles for Jane to use. She’s trying out the idea of recycling plastic bottles and all sorts of things to make decorations for Cleveleys High Street at Christmas. By the way she’s not doing them on her own, heaven forbid, but with a group of friends and the intention that the whole community joins in. Jane’s currently fathoming out how and what to make, so she can provide guidance!

They’re asking for individuals/families, schools and groups to join in. There’s more about Christmas in Cleveleys here.

More Bags of Rubbish

I pulled a face when I saw yet more bags arrive, as our small utility room is always overflowing with this that and the other belonging to various groups and community projects. I did think ‘oh no here we go again’ but it was Jane’s fault apparently. She had told the friend to bring them here, unbeknown to me. The same friend had also been on a foraging mission to the other side of Blackpool, for pine cones and guess where they ended up!

We don’t collect stray animals here, we collect bags of rubbish in one shape or form. It seems that as soon as we get the room empty, back comes another load of one kind or another of rubbish!

And another bag of rubbish…

Anyway, as I was getting ready to go out on Friday morning, I heard Jane and Kevin giggling in the kitchen. So I shouted ‘if you are talking about me let’s all share it’. It seems that my dearly beloved Kevin had said to Jane that another friend had sent yet another three more plastic bottles, and what would Jane pay to not tell me!

The things I have to put up with, they know I have a tidy mind and do get sick of ‘stuff’ hanging about for weeks on end in that room. If we hadn’t got that room, goodness knows where it all would go. But I do know one thing, there would be a big sign on the back door saying ‘no more rubbish here please’!!

Of course when we met our friends later that day, she had to tell them that I wasn’t best pleased about yet more plastic bags full of bottles, so they all had a good giggle. In fact it wasn’t a giggle, it was uproarious laughter!

But when our house seems to have stuff coming out everywhere – recycling things, placards, signs, posters – you name it we get the lot. I’m surprised that knowing my tidy nature she gets yet more and more things to come here! I’m not a bad guy, just tidy natured!

New Coffee Venue

Anyway, we have left the Dickens for our Friday morning coffee morning trip, and followed the landlord Paul to the Jubilee Park pub on the prom.

As you probably know, it opened last week, and as Paul has always been very fair and good to us, we wanted to go on his adventure with him.

I must say, it’s a lot different from the Dickens, which it would be as it’s a lot newer. But I was surprised at how much space there is and loads of tables to eat at. We sat tucked away in a corner as the place was empty when we got there. It was just as well as we are a noisy bunch at the best of times, with lots of laughing and enjoying each others company.

We had our usual cup of tea and four of us decided to stay for lunch. When we were at the Dickens, they didn’t do food so we usually went into Cleveleys to eat. Our food turned up and we all had decided to have Tuna melt with cheese on a ciabatta and very nice it was too, served on a wooden board on brown paper. The roll was super fresh and warm and very tasty too. Although the pot of red cabbage coleslaw wouldn’t have gone down well in my stomach, if you know what I mean. It wasn’t long before the place started filling up to a nice hum of people enjoying their meal. It was nice to see the friendly faces of Paula, Lisa and Tracey who made us very welcome.

Time to go home

Before long it was time to go and then the fun started again when we gave two of our friends a lift home. As there was five of us, one friend sat in the middle of the back seat with her husband on one side and me the other. Well what a pantomime, we couldn’t get the middle seat belt to fasten at all never mind find it as it doesn’t get used very much. There we were inside the car, all rolling with laughter at our attempts to be able to set off. If anyone had seen us and the car which must have been rocking back and forth, and with steamed up windows because it was raining, they must have wondered what was going on. Eventually we sussed  it and went on our merry way after a lovely friendly funny morning.

fun and games after the coffee morning

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