Back to Normal - whatever normal is!

Back to Normal - whatever normal is!

Golly it seems ages ago that I talked to you all and it’s only a week. Now it’s back to normal – whatever normal is! Jane and Kevin have been spending time on moving information onto our new websites ready for them going live, and it was no mean feat I might tell you. Kevin has spent months doing the new sites as they are so enormous and look so easy when done but the programming behind them is unbelievable, he’s a clever lad our Kev!

They should be switched by the end of this week, but if your curiosity is killing you Visit StAnnes is already online (albeit there is a lot missing).

Anyway, we did manage to have some valuable time off to come down to earth again after a lot of hard work which was really nice. We’ve enjoyed not rushing about and doing what we want and when we want to, interspersed with some going out time which has been a nice change. So now it’s full speed ahead and here we go again.

Mrs Meddles Muddles

I think all these web sites have muddled Jane’s brain up completely, and Kevin’s for that matter.

They both have been doing barmy things all week and saying them too, so I’m left wondering which of the four of us is going to go daft altogether first! I would have needed a book to tell you all the things we’ve laughed at all week, maybe it’s switching your brains off that does it. You know, letting your elastic go and relaxing so your brain thinks ‘blow this for a game of soldiers, I’m switching off too’!

For example, Jane was merrily putting a pair of her knickers into the fridge instead of the washer so whether she was fancying them for dessert after tea I don’t know. But did she feel an idiot when she realised what she was doing! I don’t know whether I’ve been coming or going and have come out with some really dopey things, while Kevin is just Kevin. I think Derek is about the sanest among us, heaven help us.

Broken Boiler

Today we’re having fun with our boiler again, as last week it decided to start sounding like a lawn mower with a steady ‘chug chug’ noise, that didn’t sound happy at all believe me.

We still had the heating and hot water but it sounded as though it was going to conk out at any time so we got the gas board in. We are insured with them anyway, and they decided that a valve was the problem and they would be back yesterday to mend it with a new part. Well Mr Gas Repair Man came and put the new part in at 11am yesterday morning. Would you believe it, the part wouldn’t work and seemed to be broken, and in replacing it the original one was broken too. So I dived for cover and went upstairs out of the way.

By 2pm he’d just gone, having tested everything under the sun, but the new part is definitely faulty so after ringing everywhere and its auntie, he can’t get a part until today – from Leicester – so he’s coming back at first thing to have another bash at it. Hopefully that will also be back to normal – whatever normal is!

Thank Goodness it’s not snowing

Meanwhile we have no hot water or heating, so happy days, but we managed because the sun had been out most of the afternoon, so fingers crossed. However, Mr Gas Repair Man left us a heater in case we need one.

Jane has an electric shower over her bath so we filled that up with hot water and took it in turns! Kevin had a shower in the normal way but if I have a shower the minute water touches me I start floundering like a fish out of water and can’t get my breath. So unless they want to get rid of me by asphyxiation, I will be going down the bath route until it’s mended, as I don’t fancy having the paramedics here when I’m in the altogether.

Spring Cleaning

I did start the awful job of sorting some cupboards and wardrobes out on Saturday, and on Sunday I did some more. Meanwhile I was thinking that our friend Keith ought to be here doing it as he’s a whizz at cleaning cupboards and such like. I’ve kept asking him if he wants a part time job, but he keeps saying no. He’s got some sense as he would probably run screaming if he started mine!

Anyway, I soldiered on until I was ready for a sit down, which, after a cup of tea made me decide that the rest could be done another day. So I went upstairs and did some colouring to calm me down from the trauma of facing cupboards!

I did say to Jane that it would be a good job that I was dead when I do shuffle off from this mortal coil, because if I wasn’t already dead she would kill me when she saw the amount of stuff she would have to get rid of. I told her to start saving plastic bags now to be ready, but for some reason she fell about laughing at me quickly joined in by Kevin. I think it must have been the thought of killing my already dead body that did it for them, who knows, but maybe sanity will be restored soon in our house, although I wouldn’t count on it!

Back to Normal – whatever normal is – ‘normal service’ will soon be resumed…

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