Back to It Again

Back to It Again

Back to it again, after a great weeks holiday it’s all systems go. Well not quite as it was the Rossall Group beach clean yesterday morning and what a lovely sunny day it was too. Of course, we go to The Venue afterwards to have our lunch with some of our beach cleaner friends, which was nice.

Lunch with friends after the beach clean
Lunch with friends after the beach clean

Along with Kevin acting the dope as usual. There he was, sitting with his lunch in front of him along with a coffee, when he was acting about with one of our friends pretending to pinch her lunch. Then he missed and dived straight into his coffee spilling it everywhere! What can you do with someone who is hell bent on acting the fool? We mopped up the table before it ran everywhere (the coffee not the table) and told him to behave himself.

Next came a piece of melon from another friends’ plate which he speared and stuck it in front of his face making him look like he’d a great big grin on it. By this time he was being a naughty school lad who wanted his knuckles rapping!

Eventually we managed to finish our lunch in relative peace without any more interruptions from dopey Kevin!

Busman’s Holiday on the Fylde Coast

We did have a nice holiday though, even though we were at home. We went to have a mouch round Blackpool and see what we could find in the many sales that were on. Having said that, now it seems that sales are on just about all year round. Not like they used to be, for a couple of weeks after Christmas, an August one and then a late Autumn one. Guess who likes to buy things in the sale, yes us.

Jane had a right fuddle in Debenham’s as she’s put a little bit of weight on and wanted to get some new clothes. Well that was it, it was all the encouragement we needed to have a good old spend. I think we were in the shop for just short of 2 hours! Well Jane got more than me, although I did have a bit of a splurge later on in the week when we returned some things.

Remember communal changing rooms?

While we were there, we started talking about the good old days when changing rooms didn’t have separate cubicles. Can you remember when it was just one big communal changing room, usually behind a grotty bit of curtain. They were horrible with a capital H. All these women, all herded together to try on clothes in front of complete strangers, and my what sights you saw.

There were fat people, scarily thin people, people with not so clean underwear on and then the smell from some of them. You could smell the sweaty smell before you got inside the changing room! There were women having a crafty peep at other women to see what they looked like undressed and if they had more fat rolls than you! Then you had to parade in front of strangers, that’s if you could get near the only mirror to have a look and see what you looked like.

I hated those communal changing rooms with clothes thrown in a heap on the floor. That included the ones you were trying on never mind your own clothes. You ended up tripping up over someone’s clothes, dumped unceremoniously on the floor.

All in all it was a not so nice experience, to me anyway. Things weren’t as easily returned in those days, they were a lot more stringent than they are today. So it was better to try things on rather than have to trudge back to shops who weren’t exactly thrilled to bits to see their stock coming back.

I can’t remember exactly when the communal changing rooms disappeared, I’d say probably the late 80’s? I bet most women thought thank goodness for that as they didn’t want to be seen by everyone and their aunty, bursting out of their bra and knickers! I think today’s generation would be horrified at the thought of other people watching them get undressed. The introduction of single cubicles couldn’t come quick enough.

Dog friendly shopping

We had a good wander in TK Maxx as you do. After so long the men started dragging their feet at the sight of us going backwards and forwards from one clothes rack to another. It seems to be a woman thing that you don’t always buy the first thing you see. Having got to the other side of the shop, you decide you can’t live without whatever it was at the other side and traipse all the way back again.

Our husbands despair of us sometimes, so they went and sat in the window with the dogs in their pram until we had thoroughly wore ourselves out.

Not so dog friendly children…

Apparently a small boy came up to the dog pram and shoved a packet of McDonald’s chips under the dogs noses. Now anyone who has dogs knows that they love anybody’s food. Not so the boy, who was undeterred by Victor Meldrew (hubby), who told him to walk away from the dogs with his chips, especially as they were trying to launch themselves out of the pram in spite of being fastened in!

The boy did move and two minutes later he was back again and once more shoved the chips under the dogs noses. Hubby meanwhile was feeling exasperated and told him to go away and slammed the cover over the dogs with his best scowl. Poor thing, well he was feeling fed up of shopping and wasn’t feeling very full of the milk of human kindness. If only the boy who was old enough to know better hadn’t kept tormenting the dogs, he wouldn’t have given Jane and I anything to laugh at. Well it was funny, watching him telling his story!!

Just as an aside – we always go in TK Maxx with the dogs in their pram. They are as good as gold and look around while we pile their pram up with whatever it is we are buying. They don’t make a sound, drop dog hair or wee or anything else that people don’t like about dogs. Compared with the child who was wandering round eating chips and no doubt getting greasy fingers all over the stock they were selling. Hmm. And one final thing, in this weeks expedition we spent £140 between us – all because we could wander round at leisure with our furbabies. Retailers who don’t let dogs in should take note!

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