August Bank Holiday Weekend

August Bank Holiday Weekend

I hope you’re all having a good Bank Holiday weekend, at least the weather’s being kind isn’t it.

We’ve had a lot of people down our end of Cleveleys with all the sunshine yesterday. On Saturday afternoon we decided to go to Cleveleys for an hour as we wanted a few bits and bobs and all of us aren’t too keen on holiday traffic after having some long queues on past Bank Holidays.

Cleveleys beach in the sunshine

When we lived in Yorkshire, we were sort of bang in the middle of the country and could easily go to the East or West coasts which was handy. Myself, I always preferred the West every time as I love the sunsets in the evenings. Anyway, one year we decided on a mad impulse to go to Bridlington for the day on the holiday weekend.

The trouble with the East coast is that there aren’t many motorways to it, and a lot of the journey to Scarborough or Whitby, which we also loved to go to, are on ordinary roads which takes longer anyway. It was awful going there, and then when we wanted to come home we hit the mother of all traffic jams. We were nose to tail round country lanes for miles and miles and was it hot in the car!

We had about an extra three hours put on our journey and vowed never to be daft enough to go to the coast on a holiday weekend ever again, and when you see that awful crash in the South this weekend where eight people died and others were injured, it seems like the proper decision.

At least we are now lucky enough to be already living at the seaside, so now we can avoid the traffic jams and stay put while still feeling that we are on holiday, what more could you want.

Having digressed from my story about our trip to Cleveleys, it was lovely out and busy which you would hope for in our little town. So we strolled about and had a sit down when the mood took us and when we could, of course, find somewhere to sit. There simply aren’t enough seats here when it’s busy so when my poor legs, along with lots of other people’s I suppose, feel like they are buckling. Lots of us oldies are parked there for the afternoon, oh for some seats especially near to M&Co where there is just one on the sunny side of the street.

It’s not a bin!

We ended up sitting on the wall under the Rotary clock near to Wilkinson’s, where Jane couldn’t resist picking up rubbish from the flower bed.

Trip to Cleveleys

Rubbish in the flowerbed in Cleveleys

People had put pop bottles and food wrappers, cig ends and all sorts, so with a lot of muttering, she whipped out a plastic bag from her handbag and using it as a glove she picked it all up, much to the bemusement of other people sitting there. I wouldn’t mind but there is a litter bin a few feet away from the wall so why can’t people use it, I don’t know. I just can’t understand why they are too lazy to put it in the bin!

In the end, Kevin said ‘that’s enough now Jane’ before she started on the pavements. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had whipped her high vis. Jacket out with ‘Care for Cleveleys’ stamped on it. Her one desire is to have one of those trolley things that road sweepers push with the brushes and bags and stuff on and to go and keep the streets clean and tidy!

Rubbish cart

(Jane: £775 from Glasdon and available in a choice of colours, if anyone would like to buy me one! )

What can you say to that. She’s certainly not aspiring to grandeur when she retires, as she has this strange thing going on in her head where she loves litter picking. Now myself, I hate to see rubbish everywhere and hate watching people throw rubbish down instead of putting it in a nearby bin, but that’s where I draw the line. Spending my days picking other peoples’ rubbish up is going a bridge too far for me, but to re educate people who are litter louts is more up my street as the problem gets worse every year don’t you think?

If you share my weird daughter’s dislike of rubbish, and want Cleveleys to be better than average, don’t forget to join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group, where you’ll get to find out what is being done in the town centre.

Holiday Snaps

Anyway, we sauntered down the high street and saw this man up some tall steps in various places taking photos.

Of course Jane, who has an insatiable curiosity, or nosiness, call it what you will, was itching to know what he was doing as he kept moving from one place to another. As we popped into Smith’s, there he was again so when we came out Kevin said he’d asked him what he was doing.

He told Jane that he was doing something similar to our websites, so as competition, her back went up and she said ‘oh is he’ with this look on her face that said ‘we’ll see about that’ which, along with her pursed up lips and hand on hips was a joy to behold, when with us three trying to keep a straight face while this ranting was going on, we owned up that Kevin was joking. Thank goodness for that I thought before she goes and knocks him of his steps, but at least we had a good laugh at her expense. 

For anyone else who is wondering, he was taking photos for the landlords of the empty shops. No doubt to prove to propesctive tennants that footfall is good and therefore yes, the astronomical rent that they no doubt want is worth it!

Me and my blue rabbit

Then Kevin had her posing with the blue O2 rabbit poster outside their shop as our business of course is The Rabbit Patch, so yet again more funny looks from passers by as we were all tittering at her poses.

Me and my blue Rabbit

And so the rest of the afternoon carried on in much the same way, but eventually, we had to go home and get the tea ready and trying to find out at the same time who was aching most.

I don’t think we are fit to go out, the state of us, but at least we had some fun while we were there!

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