Anchorsholme Park

Anchorsholme Park

Hello everyone, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Great New Year and may it bring you all that you could wish for. This is the last blog I wrote before Christmas, and now it’s Christmas Day. Totally unrelated to anything festive, this is about Anchorsholme Park.

Time Flies

It doesn’t seem to click in my head that it’s yet again going to be the start of another New Year. In my head, I am somewhere in August as the time has flown so quickly. It’s hard to believe that it is nearly 2019, where do the years go?

It gets a bit scary when you are older, thinking that time is going too quickly, especially for us oldies. I would like to live another few hundred years as my curiosity about what would happen in the future is enormous. Somehow I don’t think I’ll pull that one off do you? If you know how I can, please let me know!!

As I was sat watching the beautiful, white tipped waves crashing about, I thought I’d write about all the new developments that have been going on at Anchorsholme Park, with the new engineering project that United Utilities have been working on for the past few years. There’s a page which charts the progress of the wastewater improvement works here. Not to be confused, of course, with the construction of the new sea wall, which is a totally separate job.

United Utilities Works in Anchorsholme Park
United Utilities Works in Anchorsholme Park

We passed it a few weeks ago in the car and I commented, after peeking through the opening into the site, that it looked as though they were getting on towards the end of the scheme. It looks like I was right, as they are actually getting very near to finishing it.

Work is almost finished at Anchorsholme Park

The park wasn’t due to be opened until 2020 but United Utilities have said that they are ahead of schedule. That seems like a miracle to me these days as most big undertakings run over by some way. As there has been all this disruption to the park, £4.5 million has been invested to get the new look park open for next Summer.

Wow, that’s a lot of money to be spent on a park, which it seems is mostly to be funded by the money from water bill payers, so I suppose that means me and you. They have managed to keep the Anchorsholme Park bowling club open and it now has a new clubhouse although the pitch and putt has been taken away which doesn’t surprise me really as there never seemed to be many people using it. This was a decision made by Blackpool Council so that’s why it was removed.

Some of the new underground storage tanks for rain runoff can be seen from the surface and include a new building to house the pumps which obviously have to be accessible. Some of the residents have been worried about the noise from them but have been told that the pumps will only run during heavy rain and will be no louder than a hand dryer. That doesn’t sound so bad to me, as most people will be indoors with their feet up in such heavy rain. I should think the chances of people standing about to see if the pumps are noisy are quite slim but time will tell. We aren’t on top of them like some of the closer residents.

New Cafe at Anchorsholme Park

There will also be a state of the art café which the council are fitting out, as well as hiring the tenant to run the place. The café is looking over a circular open air performance area which was designed as a focal point to the site, and very nice it looks too from the pictures I’ve seen, tasteful and modern I say.

Below the surface is a tank capable of holding up to 12.5 million litres of water, wow, that’s a lot of water. The newly installed outlet pipe reaches further out to sea than before and is connected to the tank via an underground pipe which we all saw being built. It will be strange to think of walking over the top of that enormous tank don’t you think? It gives me the shivers, although I don’t think there’s much chance of little me dropping into it. If there is I’ll quickly vanish into all that space, oh my goodness! When the landscaping is complete, there will be just be a small metal grid so hopefully not big enough for me to drop through!

New play areas

There will be a children’s play area near to the café for younger and older children, with work starting on these in the New Year. Also included will be the provision of amenities to help children with physical disabilities and Autism, so that will be good for both parents and children alike. It’s costing the princely sum of £240,000 with United Utilities contributing £175,000 and the council providing £65,000.

There will be outdoor seating and a trim trail (although I don’t know what that is) along with a multi use sports area with four tennis courts which can be used for other activities. The park is also going to be more accessible from the prom, so that will be good as you couldn’t get to it easily before.

All in all, I think that it will be superb and aren’t local people lucky to get such a much better Anchorsholme Park than they had before. Hopefully it will bring people to the park to enjoy the pleasure after the pain, and it will be an asset to Cleveleys too.

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