An Afternoon Out in the Sunshine

An Afternoon Out in the Sunshine

We decided to go to Freeport on Saturday. I mean Affinity, I just can’t get used to calling it by its new name. Anyway, as I’ve said before it’s like doing a military manoeuvre getting out of our house, especially when we take the dogs. The pram has to organised, poo bags, and all the rest of the things we take ‘just in case’! It was nice to have an afternoon out in the sunshine anyway.

Before we’d even gone out…

We didn’t forget to take them some water of course, as they usually like a drink. Although we did start having a bit of a drama before we got through the door. It was all down to their water bottle, of all things.

In the past we’ve always used one of these bottles that fit inside a holder where you can pour water into it. You know, B&M (or Home Bargains) finest, cheap as they come. As it happened, the attachment broke and the bottle had started leaking. We’d improvised for a few weeks with one of our little drinking bottles, filled and popped separately into the tray.

Dog water drinking bottle
Dog water drinking bottle – thanks to Google for the library pic

So, in our wisdom, we succumbed to advertising last time we were at Burnside Garden Centre. We bought a dinky new bottle, like this one, which looked just the job.

Dog water drinking bottle type 2. Another library pic from Google images
Dog water drinking bottle type 2. Another library pic from Google images

Normally we aren’t taken in by these tele adverts they have playing, to show you how wonderful the product is. But as we could have done with a new one, we liked the look of it.


Jane dutifully filled it up with water before we went out. As you can see, it looks very much like a breast pump. There is a plastic water holder with a semi cup circle on top. When you squeeze the bottle, it sends water into the cup and with a valve to stop it running back, the water stays in the cup for the dog to drink it.

When she had filled it, she picked it up and must have squeezed the bottle a bit, sending water flying all round the kitchen.  I decided to put it in a plastic bag and try to persevere and see what happened when we got there. So, the men took the bag out of the boot and lo and behold, it had leaked everywhere! Derek was carrying on as though there was a flood of biblical proportions and Kevin was chuntering. Meanwhile, we, still sitting in the car, waited until the trauma was over.

I’m not drinking out of THAT

But the best was to come when the dogs wanted a drink. Usually we have them out of their pram when they have a drink and Muffin always uses the water container. Well, you’ve never seen anything like it, I put the new gadget in the end of the pram, squeezed the water to fill the cup and if Muffin hadn’t been fastened in we would have found him somewhere on the docks! He was petrified of the blooming thing.

Of course we saw the funny side of it, although my little dog didn’t for sure. I emptied the top bit and put the bottle back in the pram to let him look at it and find that it wasn’t going to turn into a water fountain and attack him. Then suddenly, I must have squeezed it when I shouldn’t and with his head looking over the cup, water squirted out of the bottle and straight into his face. Well that was it, he backed into the back of the pram, just about squashing poor Koko to death who was totally unconcerned about the whole thing.

Run for the hills

I swear, if he could have had a back entrance to the pram he would have got out of it and run for the hills. I still don’t know why he was so upset, although I should have known better, because he doesn’t like anything different in his doggy world.

Anyway, I removed the dreadful Dalek bottle and he immediately calmed down and order was restored, and off we went, strolling round in the lovely sunshine to see what was what on the site.

An Afternoon Out in the Sunshine

There were a couple of ‘things’ or should I say attractions for children. One of them simulated going in a cave and crawling through it. It did say that anyone with claustrophobia shouldn’t go in, so that let me out, thank goodness. There was no way I was going into that dark hole!

Since we last went there have already been quite a few changes since the new management took over, and you can tell.

There are very large and brightly coloured plant pots about, new overhead flag direction signs and other niceties. There are quite a few new and better shops than there were and they hope to be fully occupied by Christmas.

An Afternoon Out in the Sunshine
An Afternoon Out in the Sunshine

An Afternoon Out in the Sunshine

It was busier with families and such enjoying the sunshine which was nice to see apart from the children who were running round in shops screaming their heads off while parents ignored them. I think they would break the decibel limit if it was tested!

Shop ’til you drop

All in all, we had a good afternoon out, popping in and out of shops and buying a bit of this and that. I know one thing, we were all worn out before we’d finished and ready for home and a sit down doing nothing, which is just what we did.

I felt like I had been in a car crash from head to foot, with the others not far behind me. If this is old age, I for one don’t like it, or the knowledge it can’t get better. But at least we are all here to enjoy life while we’ve got it.

By the way, the dogs had a nice long drink when they got home to make up for their ‘scare’!

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