All Things Bright and Blackpool!

All Things Bright and Blackpool!

Onto the subject of All things Bright and Blackpool today – good news and a bit of moan with it. I was pleased to learn that a derelict hotel is to be made into holiday apartments. Nobody seems to call them flats anymore, maybe apartment sounds grander, who knows!

Anyway, plans have been put into the council to convert the upper three stories of the New Austin hotel on the prom. It’s not far from North Pier – at the back of the Metropole near Springfield Market. We’ve looked it up for you because we couldn’t place where it is…

New Austin Hotel Blackpool. Google Street View
New Austin Hotel Blackpool. Google Street View

It’s not been used for the last 10 years due to a fire and the serious damage it caused. There’s been a takeaway on the ground floor to cater for the clubbers who used the Sanuk nightclub which also closed. The property was bought at auction and whoever has bought it is also going to tidy the shop up, refurbish it and presumably rent it out. Thank goodness!

It’s funny because as we went into Blackpool last week, we all commented on how run down that whole run of shops around the Sanuk is. Some are boarded up and the whole area is disgraceful. I did comment to Jane that maybe the owners should be made to board them up or something instead of leaving them in the derelict mess that they look.

All Things Bright and Blackpool

Blackpool is making such great strides into breathing new life into the town and it’s a shame that there are still ‘grot hotspots’. The Sanuk (or whatever it’s called) has looked a disgrace for such a long time, it’s a mystery to me why the owners aren’t made to do something to make the frontage look better.

The Sands complex is making great strides, with the steel work rapidly shooting up and that will make that corner look better. Building work and improvement is going on all over the town., It’s much needed to make the place lose its’ kiss me quick and tat’ image that a lot of people think of when Blackpool is mentioned.

I keep wondering when Wilkinsons is going to to be built at the back of the Houndshill. That will tidy another corner up nicely, and along with a cinema I’m sure it will be well used.

All Change in Blackpool Town Centre
All Change in Blackpool Town Centre when Wilkinsons moves to the back of the Houndshill

Also, what a better place to have a Wilkinsons instead of way up the Talbot Road area. I bet they get a lot more trade in the centre of Blackpool when they move there.

I hope that the town carries on improving, to make it the place it can be and not what it has been. Here’s hoping that more run down places will also follow by example and make an effort to do the same!


I must just mention my little Koko who as you know was at the vets this week. He passed with flying colours much to the amazement of our vet. Apparently he’s unique. The only other dog he and the Liverpool Veterinary hospital knew of with the same condition, sadly died.

When he was first diagnosed, we took him to Liverpool for loads of scans, heart tests and blood tests on the advice of our vet, and we were so glad we did. He was in a right state, not 18 months ago. You would have sworn blind he’d had it. His tongue was blue, he was all wobbly, wouldn’t eat – all the classic symptoms of heart failure. It’s really distressing to see, and fortunately we were able to dash him off to Liverpool there and then for the consultation.

Koko with his hot weather haircut
Koko with his hot weather haircut

They discovered that his heart is in the wrong place and none of them has ever heard of another dog like my little Koko who has their ‘plumbing’ all in the wrong place. His rib cage does feel a bit odd, in fact his body seems ‘square’. We often laugh at him, his little legs seem to be right on the corners of his body like a little table!

Wonder Drugs

Anyway, the upshot was that they knew exactly what to give him to treat his heart condition, and he’s been on that medication ever since. Our vet is wonderful with our dogs and said Koko is a pioneer of veterinary medicine as he is the first dog to try Viagra! Now before your imagination carries you away, the drug was initially developed to widen the blood vessels in the heart before it was found to have, ahem, other uses. That is just what it seems to have done, so I’m proud of my little Koko who is a pioneer and hopefully will stay well for a long time to come.

He also takes more other tablets and stuff but who cares if it keeps him the happy dog he is. Apparently the vet just kept looking at him and saying ‘remarkable’.


They also, as I said last time, had their anal glands done. According to the vet, Koko’s was apparently ‘like thick custard’ while Muffin’s looked like ‘mint chocolate custard’! Make of that what you will, but I also found out why they don’t smell. The vet sprays their rear end with ‘stuff’ and wipes them down. So there you have it, two more comfortable little dogs and a happy mum.

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    Love to read your thoughts. Glad to hear Blackpool is having a tidy up. I agree there should be some encouragement from councils to keep places looking neater.

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