All Change in Blackpool Town Centre

All Change in Blackpool Town Centre

It’s all change in Blackpool town centre, with work about to begin at the Houndshill. Plus chatter from Chrissie Towers and a tale about a(nother) spider…

Work to begin on the Houndshill Extension

I see that plans are at last under way for the contractors to start preparatory work on Tower Street later this month.

Land for the Houndshill extension

This will see the second phase of development at the Houndshill start the with a new Wilkinsons store and a cinema on the site. Plans are for a three storey extension with Wilkinsons going on the ground floor, in time to open in the first half of next year. The cinema complex is to have nine screens including an IMAX cinema which is going to be built on the top two stories at a later date.

Land for the Houndshill extension

As a result, Wilkinsons can then leave where they are at the moment on Talbot Road. It’s a bit like dominoes really, because once Wilkinsons have moved to the Houndshill site, the old one can be taken down ready to make way for the new hotel which is to be built there and is due to open in 2021.

The four star hotel is to have six storeys with 142 bedrooms so it’s going to be big don’t you think? The hotel is then going to ‘wrap around the tram terminus’ although I’m not quite sure what that will mean. The proposal includes a temporary car park for 127 cars although this will eventually be replaced for office development so that will be a loss I think as car parking is an issue everywhere.

There’s going to be a temporary tram stop to separate passengers from the hotel construction site which makes sense, as I wouldn’t fancy wandering onto a building site would you. Again, the Council is borrowing £17.5m against the true cost of £31m, it’s enough to make your eyes water isn’t it!

All Change in Blackpool Town Centre

The tramway works on Talbot Road are on the move by the looks of things. When complete it will take passengers from North Pier to Blackpool North station  as part of a £21m pound scheme funded through the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and £4.7 million from the Council. You can read about the Talbot Road tramway extension here.

The Sands development is on the march too, so there’s lots of work going on in Blackpool to make it a better place. Ooh and not forgetting the conference centre which also opens next year. You can read about the town centre improvements here.

I thought that maybe you would be interested in an update to see what is happening, and for the hundredth time I will say ‘well done’ but please, do something about all the tattiness that is all around these key areas.

To a stranger, a tram ride up Talbot Road could be, shall I say, a bit off putting, along with some other areas of Blackpool which are suffering from years of neglect.

I appreciate that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but until something is done about the rundown shops and buildings I do have my doubts as to whether they people will want to pay to stay in a four star luxury hotel to be met by some of the scruffiness around there.

The last time we went round the one way system there, we saw drugs being passed on while we were waiting at traffic lights. It’s not a good look for a town that is trying it’s best don’t you think!

Football and Spiders

They lost then on Wednesday, and Croatia won, but even so I think in my opinion, that the England Team have done wonders to get so far, don’t you think? Previous teams went out early in other years and to me they weren’t very good, amateur pundit that I am. Hopefully in years to come they will make a formidable team as, after all, we haven’t got so far in years.

I kept hiding behind my crossword book when things got a bit hairy. It was a bit like watching a horror film when you put your hands over your face so that you can’t see what’s happening! I took myself off to another room in the end as I could feel my blood pressure rising!

It rose even more the morning after when there I was, sitting in bed minding my own business. I had my knees bent with my cryptic crossword book leant on them (it helps me to waken up if I do a couple of crosswords) when suddenly, there it was. Something was tickling my leg at the top. I whipped back my nightie to find a spider having a stroll up my bare leg!

You’ve never seen anyone move as fast in your life. I got my book and pushed it onto the duvet while wondering what to do next. It was off like the clappers doing a sprint an Olympian would have been proud of. I knew drastic action had to be taken as it wasn’t sharing my bed, no way, so I got my book and pushed it under the spider’s nose and thankfully it climbed onto it.

Then, worrying that it might do a long jump and dive off onto the floor, I went to the back door and got rid of it. I don’t know who was the most relieved, me or the spider who was now outside and running away from the mad woman. My worry was how long had it been in my bed and where had it been while hiding in the dark! I just hope I don’t have any more visits from unwanted bed mates. Before they were content with running over the outside of the duvet under my nose, but going under cover is too much, don’t you think!

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