Accident from Hell

Accident from Hell

We were so shocked to hear about the little girl who fell out of the hotel window on Albert Road in Blackpool. That was what can only be called an accident from hell for that poor family.

I wondered how on earth it had happened. But looking at the state of the window in the news report on TV it’s a wonder it didn’t fall down with her. The trouble is, you can’t watch children every second of the day. I know we’ve all tried to when we had little ones.

My Own Accident from Hell

In the days before baby gates I had my own accident from hell. I took my toddler daughter Jane upstairs with me while I put some washing away. She was about eighteen months old at the time. I was watching her like a hawk and literally turned round for one second. In that time I saw her balanced at the top of the stairs with one foot stuck out into fresh air. My heart went to about 100 miles per hour as I dashed to get her before she fell down the stairs, but it was too late. There was nothing to stop her. I watched in horror as she bounced off every step until she reached the bottom, where my sewing machine was sat.

You’ve never seen anyone go down stairs at the speed I did. It’s a wonder I didn’t join her and fall on top of her in my dash to get to my baby. There she was, crying her head off, but unhurt apart from one little bruise. I dashed to the phone and rang my doctor, who was there in a few minutes and checked her over. Meanwhile I watched with bated breath.

Falling like a rag doll

Apparently she had suffered no injury at all. As the doctor said, as she was a baby, she would have fallen with completely relaxed muscle as they know no fear at that age. Unlike the way that an adult falls. Was I relieved, it could have been so much worse.

As I typed this, I thought how different it was in those days to today. Back then if you were in trouble, you always rang your doctor first who usually came straight out to see you if he could. You only got an ambulance to come if it was a matter of life and death, and they were there on your doorstep in no time. Hospitals were where you went if you really really needed to go there. Not for a cough or a cut or some other such thing that common sense or a doctor’s visit would see to. How things change, there’s no wonder the A&E’s are rushed off their feet!

Another Accident from Hell

Back to my story and another time, again before she was two, and not a long time after the stairs incident.

I was using some teak oil to polish my table when I had to go into the kitchen to turn a pan down, which took all of a few seconds. Meanwhile, madam Jane decided to have a swig out of the teak oil bottle I’d left, not thinking, on the table.

There she was like a seasoned drinker, holding the bottle in the air and having a good old swig at it. So again it was another panic stations, phone the doctor, who sent for an ambulance, which was usually the way things went. The doctor would order an ambulance if he felt it to be necessary so off to hospital we went.

Back in the good old days it was totally different from today. They snatched Jane out of my arms who was screaming for me, took the bottle of oil with them and told me to stay put. That was agony for me, I didn’t know where she’d gone, what they were doing to her or anything, it was awful. Today, everything is done to make sure that a child is happy and not scared. Now the parents stay with them, even sleeping there if necessary.

My Traumatised Toddler

As a result, I had one traumatised baby who screamed the place down for years if she saw anyone in a white coat. They were the nasty people who snatched her away from her mummy.

One of our neighbours had a son in law who was a butcher, who come to their house in a white butchers coat. Guess what, we were there one day and she screamed the place down when she saw him in his white coat. It was obvious, even after explaining, that they thought I was being stupid or that my daughter was stupid or something. But it was obvious – back in those days all doctors wore a white coat. It doesn’t take two and two to make four does it. Only they took it personally and were a bit huffy that she didn’t like the man!

Bang… and the blood ran

As with most children, the accidents from hell came and came. Like splitting her head open when she was about three on the corner of a work top. With blood pouring out of her head we could see through the scarlet to her skull, yuk. Once again we sent for the doctor, who arrived on that Saturday afternoon, obviously having had too much to drink, and set about treating her.

I always thought it was a better system as there was always a person there to call on if you needed it. They worked a shift pattern on rota to cover twenty four hours. I once worked at a GP’s and saw what happened and everyone was quite happy with it. But, back in those days, you only called a doctor out when you had to and not for something minor.

Back to my accidents from hell. I got to the point where I thought they would be saying she was a battered child or something. But that never happened thank goodness. It goes with the territory of being a parent, you take the rough with the smooth!

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