A Right Royal Visit

A Right Royal Visit

Wasn’t it a shame that it decided to rain after a sunny morning yesterday for the Royal Visit. William and Kate, as you all will know, were visiting Blackpool and doing a walk about on the Comedy Carpet. Find out more about their visit here.

This shot of the day goes to Kate Yates who managed to get a photo of Kate, with her Lady in Waiting carrying an I Love Blackpool bag!

The poor people braving the rain must feel browned off, as they must have got soaked. Derek and Jane were watching it all unfold online at lunch time, in between letting me have a look! Blackpool would look so much nicer in the sunshine don’t you think. After all when they have come to the frozen North to see us it would be nice if it was sunny and things looked so much nicer. We don’t want them going back to London thinking that everyone down there is right and it’s not much to write home about, do we.

In theory I would like to see them in real life as they look so much nicer in the flesh, but standing still and getting wet aren’t on my top list of things to do so I watched it on the news later.

A Royal Visit a Long Time Ago

I remember the Queen coming to my hometown when I was about eight. All the school children lined the road to watch her and Prince Philip go through, waving our flags like mad that we had been given by the school. They stopped off at the local market to give a speech and I’ll never forget how beautiful she looked and how her skin glowed. Her make up was the most lovely that I’d ever seen. As you can tell, I’ve never forgotten that.

Don’t we live a wild life!

Anyway, back to reality and the banalities of everyday life at our house.

Tuesday is a day when we like to get some shopping done to stock up the cupboards and fridge. As it was such a lovely afternoon, hubby decided to come with us so off we went to Sainsbury’s at Blackpool instead of our usual Bispham one. How’s that for leading an exciting life!

Actually, we do like to browse round in there as they have household stuff along with their range of TU clothes. Off we went pushing our trolleys and whizzed round the food section to get that over and done with. We abstained from emptying the fresh cake counter, which must be a record for us. I simply love their raspberry lemon tarts, they are so yummy.

A ‘man look’

Jane and I had nipped off to the clothes dept with hubby behind us when I asked Jane if she’d picked my milk up. As usual she’d had a memory lapse and got their milk but none for me. I have dairy free soya milk and they have ordinary skimmed milk. So I asked Derek if he would go back and get it as I wouldn’t have enough with what bit I had at home.

Jane and I waited and waited and waited, and then we waited some more until he showed his face without the milk! When I sent him to get it I thought it was a bad move as he wouldn’t find it or get the wrong thing, in spite of seeing the cartons every day at home. Well he didn’t let me down did he as he came back with a ‘don’t challenge me’ look on his face, saying that he couldn’t find any. I ought to have made a bet on it at Ladbrokes, I would have won a fortune. Although I haven’t got a clue what to do in a bookies, so it would be a non-starter.

After calming him down, as he’d been whirling about asking assistants if they had any and they couldn’t find it either, Jane went. Two minutes later she came back with the said milk, which was in exactly the right place we’d told him to go to.

You wouldn’t think anybody could not know where the milk was when we’d just passed it but my hubby didn’t! Off he went telling us it wasn’t there which seemed a bit odd as Jane was standing there with the milk in the trolley.

Are you alright?

Anyway, the milk crisis over, we had a quick look round the clothes and household stuff. I had a sit down on a chair near to the café steps while Jane and Derek went to pay. By this point I felt like I was going to fall down if I didn’t sit down.

All of a sudden this boy, who looked to be about 10, appeared. He was dressed in a black sweater and black trousers, an unusual outfit for a young lad I thought. As he approached me, he in a very confident voice said ‘are you alright’ to which a stunned me said ‘yes thank you’. To which he replied ‘good’ and walked, or should I say strode off again, with the air of someone very much in control.

It really amused me while at the same time touched me as I thought what a lovely caring thing to ask. I suppose to him I would have been an old lady slumped in a chair, and I must be at least 200 years old. I did wonder if he was on the management team as he had the air and dress code of someone in authority, but I couldn’t see that unless they had shrunk the management down to child size.

He had such a confident air of authority and to care to ask an elderly lady if she was OK really touched me, if shocked me, his mum must be very proud of him. Although I’m not sure what he would have done if I’d said no. Maybe he was trained in resuscitation techniques and thought he might try them out on me, who knows. But it restores your faith in children when there is so much adverse publicity about some of them.

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