A Big Day

A Big Day

So it was my wonderful daughter and her equally wonderful hubbies wedding anniversary this week. 27 years, how the time flies. I was saying to her that 27 years ago everything was hectic on the big day.

The first job in the morning was rushing to the florists to fetch the flowers for her big day. She had fresh flowers in her bouquet as well as fresh flowers on the wedding cake, which did look beautiful. What a rush it all was. It started off as a warm misty day. The mist cleared by lunchtime to give them a lovely sunny day. The bridesmaids turned up, all four of them, and off we went in a whirl.

A Whirlwind of a Day

We had a relatively quiet morning until then as her wedding wasn’t until mid afternoon, but that soon changed when the house became full of people. Kevin was at the house they’d bought, not far from where we lived, so he was busy with the best man and all the rest of them, with a ban on coming to our house before the wedding. Derek’s sister and husband turned up from Preston, and off we went with a whirlwind taking over our house.

Next, the photographer arrived to take pictures of Jane in our garden, which I must say turned out beautifully. You wouldn’t recognise my hubby with his long hair and thick beard, both still very dark brown. We look at them today and wonder why we had such hairstyles although I am biased and always liked him with long hair. I still do, but as it’s, what shall we say, a bit thinner and grey, he keeps it shorter. Derek’s parents weren’t there as they’d both died many years ago, but there was still our family and all the rest.

Where did you get that hat?

My mum was rushing up and down to our house like the bag of nerves she was, by the way she lived near to us, worrying over this that and the other. My mum was a person who had to have everything right and her wedding outfit was no exception. She didn’t like this, that and the other until we eventually found a sort of grey, yellow and white patterned wool suit, but the hat was something else.

We went to Sheffield to Coles Brothers hoping that we would find something there for her with all the choice they had. The trouble was my mum was very petite, smaller than I am, she was 4’ 10” with an equally tiny head (well she would have looked daft with a big one wouldn’t she). We eventually got that sorted and peace reigned once more when she was happy with her outfit.

The Big Day

Back to the wedding day. After all the photos of Jane and the bridesmaids had been taken (thank goodness Derek had cut the grass) off we all trooped to the church to await her arrival with her dad. I must say they all looked very smart in their morning suits with pale pink ties to match the theme. Morning suits were the in thing in those days, but they did look good. The bridesmaids had cream full skirted satin dresses with exquisite pale pink roses at the back and crowned with a huge bow, which looked lovely. I had steeled myself not to cry in church so when Jane came down the aisle with her proud dad I had to shove the tears back and hope my soft nature would take a back seat!

Jane and Kevin's wedding day
Jane and Kevin’s wedding day

The wedding was quite funny really. We’d been to the rehearsal like you do, and the vicaress or whatever you called female vicars in those days was tiny and I mean tiny, she made my mum look tall. All of us there did nothing but giggle, as one funny thing happened and then another with the vicaress. Of course, it carried over to the big day, so when they stood there at the front we were all grinning as we all remembered the rehearsal. The congregation didn’t know what had happened, so must have wondered why we were all smothering giggles, but at least it was happy instead of tearful as it might have been!

Say Cheese

More photos outside the church and then off to a posh hotel for the reception. It was set in extensive grounds much like a park, so more photos there. By this time my face was stuck in a cheesy grin after all the smiling I’d done so we were glad when we went inside to have our meal. Derek was having a fit over making a speech, even though he was a lecturer for donkeys years, but pulled it off. He made everyone laugh when he produced a sheet of paper that fell to the floor as though he was going to be talking for hours!

Then onto the night session and the disco. That was hectic as you can imagine, but was I glad when it was all over and we could go home and end the day with a nice cup of tea! Jane and Kevin are still together 27 years later after a lot of trials and tribulations from one source or another, which proves they were meant to be together, don’t you think. I hope they have many many more years left in front of them, I couldn’t wish for a nicer couple. Of course, there was a lot more to the wedding day but I might be here all day and bore you to death!

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