A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet

Did you know the powers that be have decided that a balanced diet including full fat milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter is most unlikely to cause an early death and could even boost health it seems!

The boffins who tell us all what we can eat and drink say that there is no link between dairy fats, heart disease and strokes. A university professor has said that the results of tests suggest that fatty acid in dairy may actually lower the risk of early death from cardiovascular disease.

Just eat a Balanced Diet

I do wish they’d make their minds up don’t you, first you can eat one thing, then another. The next you are sure to drop dead if a scrape of butter passes your lips, oh the amount of soya margarine we’ve had, and then there’s cheese. Again it’s ‘don’t eat hard fat cheese’, which I must confess I love, although I do have lactose free cheese which I actually prefer to normal cheddar.

There was such a scare about dairy and soft cheeses if you were pregnant, no I’m not thank goodness, so bring on the soft cheese for me.

Then the eggs, oh the eggs. Can you remember Edwina Curry way back in time, when we she said that we were going to die a death from salmonella poisoning if so much as a yolk entered our mouths. She said it wasn’t safe to eat raw eggs which, I don’t know about you, but I could heave for them when I see someone swallowing a raw egg. Yuk!

I just get tired of hearing about what we can and can’t eat, it gets boring. I can’t make my mind up whether it’s just scaremongering or what, but I just wish they’d make their minds up and stick to it! In my opinion, if you eat a balanced diet you’ll not go far wrong. The trouble is, a lot of people don’t know what a balanced diet looks like.

The finest butter

I gave in with the dairy lecture a while ago to use my favourite Lurpak butter. There are so many conflicting noises made about not eating it and then deciding that butter is probably not harmful at all, that I gave in and gorged on my Lurpak. Well gorged is probably the wrong word to use, but as I don’t eat a lot of the stuff anyway, I use it instead of soya margarine although hubby prefers that to butter. Well we all have our little ways don’t we.

If anybody reads the article that I’d read, there’ll be a stampede to the supermarkets to fill up on cheese, butter and yoghurts. I hope they decide soon that sugar is good for you, because that would be nice wouldn’t it, not having to feel guilty every time you popped a dolly mixture into your mouth.

All in all, I personally think that you can eat what you want to, in moderation and just have a balanced diet. If you don’t go other the top and be a glutton I think you can’t go far wrong. My mum loved butter and all the things that she shouldn’t eat and lived to be 92, so I think I’ll follow her and hopefully live to a 100. Now that would be interesting, wouldn’t it!

Get the balance right

While I’m talking about health matters, I thought I would just mention yet another example of waste in the NHS.

I got the shock of my life when I read that the NHS spent £3.4 million in a year on, would you believe it, toothpaste and anti-dandruff shampoo. No, I couldn’t believe it either, but there was a demand for Colgate and Neutrogena but to name a few. How on earth anyone can sit in front of a doctor and ask for toothpaste is beyond me. I would show them the door and tell them to buy their own personal product.

The cost of supplying patients with branded goods has risen £483,000 from a decade ago. Critics have said that patients could buy these items themselves. Not half I say. There’s no wonder we’re in the pickle we’re in, when people have the cheek to ask for personal products instead of buying them. Maybe the doctors should learn how to say no to stupid requests. To me that’s taking the health service too far. It wasn’t invented for people to abuse it and have a free ride.

Dandruff shampoo or drugs?

Then you read about an oncology nurse who was refused a drug by the NHS which could prolong her life. As a result, at 43 years old, she had to crowdfund to get the money to buy the drug herself, and how many more.

She was diagnosed with bowel cancer and given three months to live. Then, finding that she had stage four cancer, was denied the drug which could prolong her life.

She hoped to raise £21,000 for one single treatment but, through the generosity of the public, she managed to raise £100,000, enabling her to have three cycles. A scan has shown no evidence of her disease after the treatment. I don’t know what you think, but I would hang my head in shame if I asked a GP for toothpaste etc.

The wasted millions could buy time, or even cures, for people like that unfortunate woman who had her life in front of her. That is what is so wrong with the NHS, multiplied by many more idiotic things.

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