52 Years

52 Years

That’s it then, our week of freedom is over until the next one at Christmas. I sound as though I’ve been locked up don’t I, although some would say I should be! Yesterday was mine and my hubbies wedding anniversary. 52 years together, my how the years roll round so quickly.

Golden Wedding

It doesn’t seem two minutes since our Golden wedding when we had a lovely time with our wonderful friends at a surprise party that Jane and Kevin held for us, and it was great. We had a lovely meal and good company too, a day we won’t forget in a hurry. We had three Golden wedding rose plants bought for us by great friends, which are all planted together in the garden, so they will always be together for evermore, no matter what. We call them by the names of the people who gave them to us, what a brilliant way to always have them with you.

A Golden Day to Remember
Golden wedding anniversary

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s all those years ago that we got married. It seems to have gone by so quickly that I sometimes wonder how I could have ended up so old and wrinkly, as I am in my thirties in my mind. Talking about our anniversary always takes me back to that day when we made our promises. We must have liked each other a lot, as 52 years later we’re still here, not bad that.

We celebrated our Silver wedding in a lot less cheery way, as I was on the brink of being operated on for having cancer, with heaven only knows what was in front of us. When I was in hospital, I kept telling everyone about our anniversary and the 25 beautiful red roses that Derek got for me, and vowed to be still here on my 50th. I managed that, and two more extra so far to get to 52 years, so God has been good to us, when it could have been so different.

52 Years Ago

Our wedding day was lovely, a bit breezy but not like yesterday which was blowing a gale, cold, dull and the promise of rain. I had a beautiful shot silk dress from a very posh shop where I lived back then, which cost the princely sum of £20. It seems hilarious now but then it was a lot of money to my dad, who didn’t get paid well at all.

It was straight, with Guipure lace trimmings and three quarter sleeves. I had a sort of a hat made, with flowers all over it and my veil attached to the top to make me look a bit taller, as I was 5’2″ compared to Derek who was 6’2″! My mum wore a beautiful dark blue suit with a fur collar on and a fuchsia hat and accessories while my bridesmaids were dressed in long, butter-gold dresses.

I was a bag of nerves on my wedding day, not helped by my mother and father-in-law and her sisters and family, all crowded into the bustle of our house as we got ready. They’d come from Preston for the day and not forgetting his sister, husband and children. To say it was hectic was an understatement, but eventually we were all ready with just me and my dad left in the quiet of the house. The wind blew my veil over my face as I got into the wedding car, which was surrounded by all our neighbours who were waving and smiling at us. Strangely, when I got to the church and started walking down the aisle to the sound of the Wedding March, all my nerves disappeared. I was calm as a rock, which is saying something for me!

We were married, register signed and photographs taken and off to the hall we were having the wedding reception at. It had just been built so looked very nice with all the flowers and dressed with all the stuff that goes on wedding tables. We had our salad, dessert and goodness knows what (cooked meals weren’t invented then at a wedding) and on with the speeches.

I could feel Derek shaking like a leaf as he stood up to give his speech but he managed OK. There I was thinking ‘thank goodness I don’t have to say something’ when my friends started shouting me for a speech. I quickly thanked them for coming and their presents and just as quickly sat down again, thinking thank goodness that’s over.

At night we’d hired a live band to get everyone up on their feet and dancing and I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all. Eventually our very long day was over and  both of us, exhausted, went off to our new home to get ready for our honeymoon in Scarborough the day after. We had to be up at 6.30am to catch a 7.30 bus there. It was a time we will never forget and despite a lot of awful problems on our journey through life together, we’re still here to tell the story, so it can’t be bad can it.

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