50 Debenhams Stores to Go

50 Debenhams Stores to Go

What does anyone think about the news late last week that there are 50 Debenhams stores to go over the next two to three years?

50 Debenhams Stores to Go

I so hope they leave our Blackpool store alone, as we do enjoy a mouch round in there, especially when the sales are on! We’ve had some really good bargains in there. And it’s dog friendly, so we can wander around at our leisure, pooch’s in pram, without thinking we’re going to get kicked out.

It makes you wonder what is happening to our High Streets with so many major names pulling out of them. I know competition is fierce out there, along with online shopping and companies such as Amazon where you can order anything you want from the comfort of your own home. I suppose I am guilty of doing just that, when I think that a few short years ago I didn’t know how to turn a computer on, never mind order things online, it just amazes me. The thing is, it’s just so easy to get anything, there’s no waiting around in queues, no trudging to shops and finding a parking space, you can by and large get the right size if it’s clothes you’re looking for, and so on. I’ve many times seen something in a shop that I would love to buy only to find they haven’t got my size. So what do you do, you go home and order it on the internet!

I suppose it’s the same kind of major change that happened in the 1950’s when supermarkets were first invented. Before that we bought everything as we wanted it, straight from a butchers/bakers/candlestick makers. When supermarkets first appeared, small local shops started to disappear. Now, small local shops are coming back and it’s the supermarkets (and high streets) turn to suffer. I just hope that Blackpool isn’t one of the 50 Debenhams stores to go.

Nothing like proper shopping

Having said that, I still like to go to proper shops, and quite often as I love to see things in real life, especially clothes. You can’t tell what quality they are from a computer picture can you, so it avoids disappointment and having to send things back if they aren’t the quality/size/shape/fit that you want.

I do think it’s a shame that a lot of local people just won’t shop in Blackpool, preferring instead to go to Preston or the Trafford Centre, which doesn’t help to keep shops open. The argument is that there aren’t enough ‘quality’ shops in Blackpool so people travel to other towns. From where I’m sitting, it’s a bit of a catch 22 situation because better ‘quality’ shops aren’t going to invest in the town if the footfall is poor because people go to Preston or wherever. Which means that people aren’t shopping in town because of the lack of quality shops. It’s a bit like the chicken and egg theme, don’t you think!

I know that I haven’t got as much energy, stamina or health as a lot of people, but personally I find Blackpool about all that I can manage, so I don’t know how I’d go on in a bigger city anyway! When we’ve been in the shops that we like we’ve had enough and are ready to go home. So it’s good for us, and we do like to spend our money locally.

Will ours be one of 50 Debenhams stores to go?

The news that ‘maybe’ our store could close is another problem to sort out for Blackpool, along with other towns which are affected, as so many of the big names are closing down never mind the smaller shops.

Jane and I have been going about this same subject for years. It can and it will happen if people don’t stop the ‘rot’ that’s going on everywhere. Somebody somewhere must know the answer to the problem, before towns like Cleveleys (which seems to be busy and thriving) start to dwindle because people don’t use them.

Traders should be making more effort to make towns interesting and innovative, so that people want to come and visit them. It’s no good waiting until trade drops off and more shops close. I would hate to be the one that said ‘I told you so, you wouldn’t listen’.

Busy Cleveleys

We had a trip to Burnside a couple of Sunday’s ago and as we drove down the High Street at Cleveleys on our way home, it was still very busy at going on for closing time.

I just looked at the shops and the people using them and couldn’t help but think how lucky we are compared to some other towns which are rapidly going to wrack and ruin. I enjoy shopping in Cleveleys and like to support our local economy, but so many people don’t, do they. It’s great to be able to go to a family butchers and bakery. Our own specialist cheese shop. Lots of cafes and pavement cafes to pass the time away and so it goes on. I want to keep it that way, so let’s hope there is a solution for towns like ours and Blackpool before it’s too late.

And the closure of Tesco

We popped into Tesco a week or so ago and found that they were already winding the shop down, a good couple of weeks before it closes this weekend.

Sign in the window at Cleveleys Tesco. 50 Debenhams stores to close

Empty shelves in Cleveleys Tesco. 50 Debenhams stores to close

The shelves were noticeably thinned out and empty in some places. It reminded me of Russia when their supermarkets used to have rows of empty shelves. Nobody seems to have a clue who will take over the shop, which as we know isn’t exactly small. Goodness knows what will happen if big companies and high street names keep struggling. Who knows what the answer is, but something needs to happen and quickly!!

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