Middle of April Already

Middle of April Already

Well I got up yesterday morning and changed my perpetual calendar. I can’t believe that we are past the middle of April already, how can that have happened? It doesn’t seem two minutes since January and the next thing you know it’s April. My life seems to be whirling out of control and going far too quickly, is it just me or does anyone else feel the same? At least we have lots of sunshine and sunny days to look forward to this week (allegedly) so it can’t be bad can it.

The beach on days we dream of
The beach on days we dream of

Blue skies and warm sunshine never fail to cheer me up and the sea and sound of the waves on the pebbles is just delightful, so bring it on I say!

By the way, if anyone is wondering, the webcams are back online. It was a temporary hiccup while everything was moved.

Spot of Shopping (or should I say dawdling)

On Saturday we all went to Cleveleys, dogs included, and had a mouch round the shops in the afternoon sunshine. At last, we all thought, a better day for once at the weekend. As usual it took ages for us to get through the door with dogs and pram to be sorted out, never mind us lot. You would think we were going on holiday for a week the way that we carry on. First one and then the other started asking if it was as warm outside, which it looked, to which Kevin told us to have a walk up the drive and see for ourselves. In our house, one’s person’s view of warm or cold is not what someone else might think.

Cleveleys town centre
Cleveleys town centre

Eventually we got there and then the pantomime of getting the dogs pram sorted and the dogs in and off we went. It’s enough to wear you out just getting ourselves to where we are going but oh the walking that was another matter. I think Jane and I must have been having an especially body tired day as it wasn’t long before we were aching all over.

Chrissie shopping in Cleveleys
Chrissie shopping in Cleveleys

We had plenty of sit-downs, when we could get a seat that is, to enjoy the sun and the afternoon which was lovely. I’m going to moan again because I so wish the council would provide more seats in the town centre. As I was waiting with the dogs for Jane to come out of Superdrug I would have loved a sit down for my poor aching body. With one bench there and it being full of ‘oldies’ who looked set for the afternoon in the sunshine, I had no choice but to stand there wishing she would hurry up!

More benches please

There aren’t enough benches by a long stretch of the imagination, especially round WH Smiths and M&Co. One bench isn’t enough, and yes there are two across the road. That’s OK if you want to go over there, and we had done because we’d been in The Works. I plonked down there while Jane was in the shop, to be quickly joined by the other two.

More benches please!
More benches please!

The excuse is that the shops own the land in front of the shops and they need permission from them. There is ample room on the wide local authority owned pavements up there to put more seats, so how about it Wyre Council as I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs to keep sitting down! There are more against Tesco but again, if it’s sunny, you are lucky if you can find a seat as they are often occupied by people who are happy sitting there for the afternoon. It’s a wonder some of them don’t bring a flask and sandwiches they are there so long!

Appealing to the ‘oldies’

I don’t know what visitors must think when, tired from a day out from home, they can’t find somewhere to sit in the town. Plus, with an elderly population of residents and visitors, a sit down is often needed, so please Wyre Council, can we have some more seats? For those of us who have problems that make us want to sit down, those of us who are visiting, and those who are just plain old tired!

It was nice to be out pretending that we were tourists and some of the conversations that you hear when you do manage to sit down are fascinating. I could make a sitcom out of a lot of them they are so funny. It’s more annoying when they get up leaving you wondering what Great Aunt Mary did when she fell off her chair if you get my drift. Some people are so funny without even knowing it don’t you think!

Well, that’s me finished for today and my dear hubby has just brought me a cup of tea which I shall enjoy while looking at the beautiful sea and sky. My do I feel so lucky to be here.

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    Call me an old cynic, but maybe shops don’t want seats outside in the street when you could be in a cafe spending money!!

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