Battle for Blackpool Town Centre

Battle for Blackpool Town Centre

A bit of chatter from Chrissie Towers first before I get onto the Battle for Blackpool Town Centre.

Here I am typing away while listening to ‘The Opera Guy’ on Facebook. He’s a busker who was singing in Blackpool and what a lovely voice he has got, I wonder who he is and where he’s from, he’s certainly missing his way he would do well on West End stage shows, very impressed. He was singing Memories from ‘Cats’ the stage production, let’s hope someone recognises his talent, what a waste! Oh it’s carrying on with some more singing, I flew through this blog listening to that. What a beautiful tenor voice he has got.

Koko Update

I thought I would give you an update on Koko, my little dog who has been in the wars this last month with heart problems. Not helped by the fact that the little chap has apparently got his heart in the wrong place. The vet at Liverpool said he’d only seen one other dog like him and it was rare. With our luck, donkeys years of the worst bad luck you could imagine, to say we weren’t surprised is an understatement!

He’s taking lots of tablets every day and so far seems to be stabilised, which is a good job as he will be on them for the rest of his life. His appetite has come back but still not full throttle. At last he seems to be putting some weight on, as he lost such a lot over three weeks. He takes a liquid Zantac which has helped, and he’s back to his usual ways of tormenting Muffin to get him to play.

He’s not under any stress, maybe it’s the Viagra he takes (yes really, to dilate his blood vessels and nothing else in case you were wondering!) but he’s come on in leaps and bounds. My bank account knows there’s something going off believe me, it’s eye watering what the tablets cost, but luckily I can afford it. I’d pay anything for my little chap, so may he carry on for years to come!

‘Battle for Blackpool Town Centre’

Back to reality and the news that Blackpool has a battle on for its High Street. This is because, according to the Gazette, there are twice as many businesses closing than opening putting us in the worst in The North West league table. It’s not a very good table to be in, don’t you think.

Battle for Blackpool Town Centre

The change in shops puts Blackpool behind Manchester in the table of worst performing town centres in the North West. Chester and Liverpool come third and fourth. I would never have thought that Chester, Manchester or Liverpool were so bad, would you? Internet shopping isn’t helping, and can you blame people when you don’t have to trail to shops to try and find something that is probably not in stock or whatever. You don’t have to pay to park either.

The same problem all over the country

Of course it’s not just us that are suffering, it is happening all over by the sound of things. Blackpool has had some growth lately with several independent retailers opening in the town centre. There’s further development to come with the Houndshill extension later this year.

I’ve written about the state of Blackpool town centre several times, and as I said to Jane, would you open a business in areas round where WH Smith is because I wouldn’t. The whole road has a run down appearance, not helped by the tatty state of shops that are empty with grotty signboards above them. There should be some local rule to make landlords tidy their empty properties up, such as making the windows opaque and putting a vinyl over the names. Anything to make the street look smarter!

Now BHS is closed there’s not a lot that I personally want to go round there for. It’s so run down, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this, while looking at a lot of run down shops.

B&M bringing a bright new start

I believe that B&M are going into the BHS building (because they need to move for the redevelopment of the Sands Venue). A lot of redevelopment work is taking place in Blackpool so hopefully the place will soon have a turn around and become the busy humming place it once was. People are used to new-build malls and nice looking shops so they don’t want to see closed-down dilapidated shops, don’t you think.

I’m NOT having a go at Blackpool because the same is happening country wide, but the council, landlords, shop owners and the public need to waken up and do something before it is too late. Along with local people who don’t have any sense of ownership or pride in their own town. So many people just won’t go to Blackpool, instead preferring Preston, Manchester or the Trafford Centre. That just doesn’t help the situation at all. That’s just my opinion as I don’t want to see the place I love getting worse.

Phew… normal service is being resumed…

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