A 125th Birthday Party

A 125th Birthday Party

What fantastic weather we’re having, long may it last, or is this Summer for a few days? Cynical aren’t I. Jane had a lovely day for a jaunt to Blackpool on Tuesday. She had an invite to The Tower’s 125th birthday party. She left here just after 11am and got back at 4.30pm, looking a lot hotter than when she went out!

Blackpool Tower on it's 125th Birthday
Blackpool Tower on it’s 125th Birthday

Goodie Bag from a 125th Birthday Party

She came back loaded up with goodies in a goodie bag which she emptied out in the kitchen to show us. There was a beautiful black shopping bag with the Tower and the date and anniversary all done in gold. A china mug imprinted with it all on, a very nice pen in a presentation case and I can’t remember the rest, well it was Tuesday!

She also brought some Victoria sponge cake with jam and cream, yummy. That was very prettily wrapped and sealed with a Tower anniversary label. There were two scones for Kevin the human dustbin, along with a pot of jam and clotted cream! There was also a bottle of anniversary labelled ale, so guess who commandeered that one, yes, right first time, Kevin! There was also a very nice printed brochure on the history of the Tower. Anyway, Jane is going to keep the non perishables as mementoes, like she has with other such events. It’s lovely to look back on, see where she’s been and what happened.

Afternoon tea and entertainment

Apparently the ballroom was packed full and afternoon tea was served which Jane said was beautiful. Having been there a couple of times with our Rossall Group I knew what she meant, as sandwiches and everything were very fresh. There’s nothing worse than having a buffet with curly sandwiches don’t you think. They brought out a great big birthday cake and then entertainment followed.

Happy Birthday Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Towers 125th birthday
Blackpool Towers 125th birthday

There was entertainment from some of the Circus performers, then Langleys, the dance school opposite the Houndshill, put on a show with their pupils. Of course the famous organ had to come out of the floor with its favourite tunes, after all, it wouldn’t be Blackpool Tower without that. People over the ages have come from all over to hear Reginald Dixon playing the organ and if you haven’t seen the organ rise up from the floor, that too is a surprise. There were other entertainments which again I can’t remember, oh dear what’s happening to me! Anyway, she had a great time and again lovely memories to store for when she’s old and doddery!!

There’s a full article about the history of the Tower here, with lots of old photos.

The Circus Comes to Cleveleys

The other night, Derek decided to have a stroll along the prom to have a look at the circus which has turned up on Jubilee Gardens to take photos of course. He takes loads and loads of photos which we often never see, but that’s hubby and his hobby!

Circus comes to Cleveleys
Circus comes to Cleveleys

We’d passed it in the afternoon as Kevin and I went to Sainsbury’s and the vets (yes I am ok, it wasn’t for me) while Jane was gadding off to Blackpool. My was it hot inland, we were glad to get back to the lovely sea breeze on the front. By the time we’d finished it was nearly tea time and another day flown by too quickly. Maybe it’s because we are always busy in our house, as I bet many of you out there are.

Nosey Drones

Then on Tuesday night, Derek was busy relaxing on the settee and enjoying the peace and the beautiful view when suddenly a drone appeared in front of our house.

We’re actually used to seeing drones as people come to the beach to fly them. But this one was at eye level, just about parallel to the sea wall and pausing in front of our house and a couple more houses nearby. Of course, hubby jumped up like an Alsatian guard dog and went onto the balcony to see what was what. It set off again at speed and again slowed down in front of people’s houses making it clear what they were doing, obviously photographing our houses. Of course, his blood pressure rose a few notches, because as we all know (unless you’ve been living under a bush) it’s illegal to fly near and photograph houses. He was having none of it and made some hand gestures to tell them to scram, as only my hubby can!!

Invasion of privacy

As Kevin said, it’s not allowed to invade people’s privacy. They could be ‘casing the joint’ to see if you have security, look in the windows to see if there is anything worth pinching and he went on and on. We laughed at him but he does have a point, what other reason, other than nosiness would someone want to look in your house? It makes you wonder doesn’t it!!

Then at lunch time, Derek read a post out from Facebook, where someone was asking for information because a drone had been chasing them in their fishing boat. Sounds fishy if you ask me!

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