October Sunshine!

October Sunshine!

Wow, what a beautiful day it’s been today. The warmest since 2011 the weather woman has just said. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful October sunshine and have an afternoon off in Blackpool.

The first thing that made me smile was the last few of the leaflets that I’d put in the rack in the Houndshill a couple of weeks ago.

October sunshine
Visit Fylde Coast leaflets in the Houndshill Shopping Centre

I bet the guy reading it thought I’d lost the plot, taking photos of a noticeboard.

The second thing to make me smile was the sky. Just look at this for blue.

It’s a hive of activity at the Winter Gardens, where they’re building the new conference centre. Judging by all of the scaffolding, the whole building is being renovated. In fact there’s scaffolding and work going on all over the town. It’s exciting!

October sunshine
Blackpool Winter Gardens, shrouded in scaffolding

By this time it was just gone half past two and we were starting to feel peckish. So Chrissie Blogger and I threw caution to the wind and shared a Greggs sausage roll. Eh, we know how to live here at Visit Fylde Coast! All joking apart I could do without the calories, but Cleveleys just hasn’t been the same since Greggs closed so I’m afraid we just have to…

October Sunshine

Blackpool was looking lovely in the October sunshine today. The BID wardens were in evidence, looking after the town centre, and there wasn’t a beggar to be seen. I bet that couldn’t be said about a lot of other UK town centres today.

Just look at Church Street, it looks just like any high street in any town.

October sunshine
Church Street in Blackpool

Blackpool BID is the organisation which looks after the central town centre area. All of the businesses pay a levy on their rates, which goes towards things like the town centre wardens, subsidised parking, etc.

Tidying up in Blackpool Town Centre

In fact, the shops that are owned by The Grand Theatre have all been tidied up, and the work done to them has improved the stretch dramatically.

You might remember that they completed their purchase of all the shop units under the Theatre some time ago. Today, a decorator was putting the finishing touches to the front of a unit that’s to let. The others have got new signage and/or improvements underway.

October sunshine
Improvements to the shop units owned by Blackpool Grand Theatre

Scaffolding glinting in the October sunshine

If you’ve been into Blackpool in recent months you’ll know that the Sands Venue is having a complete transformation. I don’t envy the builders who are precariously taking the building to bits in the middle of a busy town centre, but I’m sure they’ve done lots of risk assessments!

October sunshine
Sands Venue being demolished prior to rebuilding work

No trip to Blackpool is complete without a pilgrimage to TK Maxx. I have to say I’m not keen on the new shop fitting. It’s being done to fit the style of the new store design, like the one at Squires Gate. I think it’s dreary myself. What do you think?

That said, it certainly won’t stop me from shopping there, and as the assistant said ‘we’ll get used to it’.

October sunshine
Changes at TK Maxx

Even when we went back to the Houndshill to the car park it was still warm. You could even call it hot, certainly for October. In fact if you’d had a deckchair in this sheltered spot you’d have got a suntan.

And look, in the gap between the buildings. You can see the sea…

October sunshine

October sunshine

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