Music Run and Tram Celebrations

Music Run and Tram Celebrations

This installment of Beside the Seaside is a photo blog from one Sunday in September 2018. It’s the day of Blackpool Music Run and Tram Celebrations, from Visit Fylde Coast Official Contributor Barrie C Woods.

There’s usually more than one thing going on at a time in Blackpool, and Sunday 23rd September 2018 was no exception.

It was the day of the first Blackpool Music Run and the 133rd Heritage Trams anniversary event. Together they made for eclectic sights and sounds, which, to be fair, is nothing unusual in Blackpool! Have a look at these photos from Barrie –

Music Run and Tram Celebrations

A traffic-free Promenade gave the 5K & 10K runners scope to enjoy themselves along the seafront in glorious autumn weather.

Music Run and Tram Celebrations
Blackpool Music Run. Photo: Barrie C Woods

With the iconic Blackpool Tower reflecting the autumn sun, long-term hired-in tram Bolton No. 66 plies its way towards the Pleasure Beach.

Music Run and Tram Celebrations
Heritage Tram and Blackpool Tower. Photo: Barrie C Woods

Newly outshopped Centenary tram No. 642 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in its erstwhile all-over Travelcard advertising guise.

Music Run and Tram Celebrations
One of the Heritage Trams. Photo: Barrie C Woods

In Blundell Street, several trams were out on display, including the rarely seem OMO No. 8 in its striking red and yellow livery.

This was one of 13 rail coaches converted to one-man-operation. Each end was extended by around 6 feet, to allow the driver to dispense tickets, thus negating the requirement for a conductor.

Music Run and Tram Celebrations
Can you see where this tram was extended? Photo: Barrie C Woods

Balloon tram 717 (below) eases past sister tram 713 still in its Houndshill all-over advert, near Manchester Square.

713 had just departed from Rigby Road depot but suffered a loss of power, so the cavalry were called to assist in the form of engineers and the Unimog emergency vehicle. After pushing the stricken tram northwards for 100 metres or so, it hauled it over a crossing on to the down tack and returned it to the depot.

Music Run and Tram Celebrations
Balloon trams 717 and 713 in Blackpool. Photo: Barrie C Woods

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