Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside - I still love living at Cleveleys after being here for more than 15 years. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at living beside the seaside, our mad family life and my view on local and topical current affairs. The weather often features, along with the very different things that you get to see and do when you live somewhere like this.

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Senior Moments and Spring Cleaning
Chatter from Chrissie Towers this weekend in today's blog

Published: 20th February 2017 Modified: 20th February 2017
Drugs, Jobs and Daffodils
Well that's a mixed bag - the cost of prescription medicine, jobs at Norcross and how lovely it is to see Spring starting to appear

Published: 17th February 2017 Modified: 17th February 2017
Paving the Way
New pavements for old... a footpath to Fleetwood appears... while other roads crumble

Published: 16th February 2017 Modified: 16th February 2017
Zero Tolerance
Good on Blackpool Police for stamping out bad behaviour from youths in the town centre

Published: 14th February 2017 Modified: 14th February 2017
Sunday with Chrissie
Pop on the kettle and have a Sunday morning brew with Chrissie

Published: 12th February 2017 Modified: 12th February 2017
Tidal Barrage and Exciting Plans
Ambitions to create energy through wave power are moving on, with exciting plans for Fleetwood

Published: 9th February 2017 Modified: 9th February 2017
Spring Cleaning
We've shown willing and started doing some spring cleaning - are you doing yours?

Published: 7th February 2017 Modified: 7th February 2017
Caught by the Cough, CCTV in Car Parks and Demolition Derby
Have you been smittled by this dreadful bug that's doing the rounds? Plus local news for Sunday morning.

Published: 5th February 2017 Modified: 5th February 2017
Emergency Ward Ten
The march of the bugs continues!

Published: 3rd February 2017 Modified: 3rd February 2017
Bugs and Senior Moments
Hilarious as it is, Jane has lost her voice - plus some Senior Moments!

Published: 2nd February 2017 Modified: 2nd February 2017
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