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Fleetwood Town Council consists of 13 members serving the five wards – Park, Pharos, Mount, Rossall and Warren. The public are welcome at the monthly council meetings which are held at the North Euston Hotel on the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm


Fleetwood Town Council was established in June 2009 and is a non-political council.

Since the elections in May 2011, members have also been Wyre Borough and Lancashire County Councillors.

Councillor Terry Rogers is now the Chairman of the Town Council, having taken over the role from former Chairman Cllr Alan Marsh in Juy 2014 and the Vice-Chair is now Cllr Bill Barrow, who took over the role from Councillor Stephen Clarke. All members actively work for the benefit of the local community and represent the council on various bodies, organisations and committees.  

Lord Street at Fleetwood
Lord Street, Fleetwood

Fleetwood allotments
Fleetwood allotments

Many varied meetings are attended by councillors each month in order that they keep informed of developments and matters which affect Fleetwood and its residents. At each council meeting, individual councillors’ report on the meetings which they have attended and the progress which has been made on their own current initiatives.  Matters of concern can be raised by the public attending the meetings, or alternatively by contacting one of the ward councillors or the town clerk. 

Freeport Marina
Marina at Freeport Fleetwood

If you would like to get in touch with any of the councillors, you can get all their contact details from the Fleetwood Town Council website with the link in the contacts section.  

Marine Hall Fleetwood
Marine Hall after being painted at Easter 2012

Regeneration of the sea front is underway at the Marine Hall and Marine Gardens, as the Sea Change project has been completed including the new works and the repainting of the Marine Hall itself.

Tram launch event at Fleetwood
Tram launch event at Fleetwood

The return of the trams on 3 April 2012 opened the town to visitors from Blackpool and Cleveleys once again.

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Fleetwood Town Council

122 Poulton Road

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The Next Town Council Meeting

The next meeting of Fleetwood Town Council is on 28 March.

Meetings are held at the North Euston Hotel starting at 7pm and the public are welcome to attend.  

Read on for all the dates of Fleetwood Town Council meetings throughout 2016/17.


Welcome to the latest Fleetwood Town Council Newsletter

Fleetwood Town Council Newsletter

Inside you can read about how your community group can apply for grant aid - last year Fleetwood Town Council paid in excess of £30,000 towards Fleetwood projects, organisations and community events - plus an additional £20,000 contribution towards the sea defences.

Application forms are available from the Clerk at Fleetwood Town Council.

Citizens Advice has been accommodated without charge at the Town Council offices since 2014. Find out more in the newsletter, including how you can make an appointment to speak to Emma Sylvester, the Citizens Advice Debt Specialist, between Monday and Thursday.

The newsletter also includes details of all your Fleetwood Town Councillors and how to contact them.

There's information about Fleetwood Museum and the Town Council plans to raise the precept to enable the continuation of the museum for the future.

The newsletter ends by asking you for your views and what your three priorities are for Fleetwood.


Team Fleetwood

There are many different organisations doing many great things in Fleetwood - including stakeholders from the public sector agencies like the police, fire, etc. 

The end of June saw the launch of 'Team Fleetwood' and an inital meeting to bring all these key stakeholders together to discuss their own plans, and new ones which they have in the pipeline. 

The aim is to help people to work together, to reduce duplication and develop really good, workable and practical plans for the people of Fleetwood, which can be supported and developed by the Town Council on your behalf. 

That way, all the people of Fleetwood can have a say in how the precept money is spent, and what would benefit the area the most, rather than just the 13 people on the Town Council. Watch this space for more news.


See Fleetwood Seafront from your armchair, thanks to Fleetwood Town Council

Fleetwood Town Council are playing a significant part in showcasing the wonderful seafront to attract visitors and tourists to the town with a new live webcam which they’ve installed at The Mount.

Fleetwood web cam live from The Mount

Watch the Fleetwood Mount webcam at this link

Webcams are very popular at many seaside locations, useful for getting a feel for a place and checking the weather among other things, with residents and visitors logging on to check out the view.

The Town Council have funded the installation of a state of the art camera in Fleetwood’s prime seafront position. High on The Mount is delivers superb seafront views, showcasing the Marine Hall and gardens, the leisure complex, views over the promenade and reaching out into Morecambe Bay.

Along with much more information about the Town Council itself, the live images stream into their own website, refreshing and changing position from left to right every few seconds. You can also find the views on the Visit Fleetwood website, where publishers The Rabbit Patch will be directing their readers and promoting Fleetwood as the wonderful place to visit which it is.

Cllr Terry Rogers, Chair of Fleetwood Town Council said “Here at the Town Council we get involved with and provide funding towards many different projects which improve facilities for local people and which attract visitors to Fleetwood, which in turn attracts business, investment and prosperity. This webcam is a perfect tool for giving the world a window into Fleetwood – when they can see how nice it is from their armchair at home, why wouldn’t they want to visit?”

The publishers of this Visit Fleetwood website added “We’re fully paid up members of the ‘I love Fleetwood Club’ as anyone who reads Visit Fleetwood.info will know. We tirelessly work to showcase what a fabulous place it is – to the 330,000 residents of the wider Fylde Coast and much further beyond – so access to this webcam will be such a helpful tool in reinforcing the message that Fleetwood is a great place to visit, and we’re really pleased to be able to work with the Town Council to achieve that.”

You can see the images at www.fleetwoodtowncouncil.org


Information from Fleetwood Town Council

Fleetwood Town Council provides a hub for your questions and concerns, and while some are matters that they themselves can deal with, they can also signpost you to other agencies, Wyre Council and Lancashire County Council for help with your requests.

Fleetwood Town Council Offices on Poulton Road

Citizens Advice Bureau

Their offices on Poulton Road are also home to a vital local service, the Citizens Advice Bureau, who have been given office space rent free for the next five years to keep this vital service in the heart of the town.

The upstairs rooms provide office and meeting space, plus an interview room. Downstairs, you’ll now find a CAB reception area, and a new shared space at the rear of the open office for CAB or Town Council matters which are best discussed in private.

Cllr Terry Rogers, Chairman of the Town Council, explains “It’s vital that the people of Fleetwood know that there is somewhere they can go not just for advice and information about problems in their local area, but also their own domestic problems.

“The CAB are in need of support and by keeping them into our office we’re ensuring their service continues and also providing a one-stop-shop where you can come for local advice.

Cllr Rogers went on to add “Cllr Bill Barrow has managed a Christian Advocacy Service for several years, now in Fleetwood and run from the Town Council Offices, also incorporating a Veterans Service. This Advocacy Service is about someone being there to speak up for you in a dispute situation – maybe to do with benefits or a court case, hearing or similar – when you’re out of your comfort zone and don’t know how to handle it.”

Fleetwood Town Council is much bigger than the average Parish Council – over the years since its creation it’s been involved in health, the sea defences, Civic matters – and over the coming years Cllr Rogers wants to see it being the hub and catalyst for everything to do with Fleetwood – providing funding and support to enable projects to move forward and networking individual groups and people together so that with shared knowledge and skills they can achieve more than they each would on their own.

The vision is that the Town Council will have secured Accredited Town and Parish Council status, with the accompanying logo on all paperwork. This quality standard is recognised by external funders and supporters and gives the Council the power to develop more ambitious projects in the future.

Cllr Rogers is full of enthusiasm and ambitious ideas for Fleetwood. The skate park is almost complete, which the people of Fleetwood have contributed to through the precept with a £20,000 contribution made by the Town Council towards the Five for Fleetwood plans.

It’s an exciting time, so watch this space!


More about Wyre CAB

At the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) we aim to help people with the problems that they face and to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

Lancashire West CAB works across four local authority areas, including Wyre, where we have been helping clients since 2011. People contact us about a wide variety of issues - anything and everything from A - Z!

Typically, problems with welfare benefits, debt, housing and employment feature prominently. Our job is to help people to overcome the problem by advising them about their rights as well as their responsibilities, enabling them to make an informed choice about what options are available. We see clients in various locations across the borough and since late 2014, with the help of Fleetwood Town Council, we have been provided with a base to work from in the town at their offices. We are currently in the process of training a number of new volunteers so that we can help more people from the Wyre area.

People can contact us on 0344 245 1294, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm to discuss their problem and see what we can do to help. We also encourage anyone with internet access to visit our website at www.adviceguide.org.uk where you will find a vast amount of information at your disposal, printable fact-sheets, letter templates to use and social media sharing options.


Fleetwood Town Council meeting dates in 2015/16 are as follows:

North Euston Hotel Fleetwood, where Town Council meetings are held
North Euston Hotel Fleetwood, where Town Council meetings are held


26th January 
23rd February 
15th March  - Annual Town Meeting (public meeting)
29th March
26th April
31st May (combined Annual Meeting and standard meeting)
28th June
26th July
30th August
27th September
25th October
29th November
Please note - No December meeting


31st January 2017
28th February 2017
14th March - Annual Town Meeting (public meeting)
28th March 2017

All meetings are held at the North Euston Hotel at 7pm, and the public are welcome to attend.

The agendas for the meetings are also published in advance of the meeting, and you can find them with all the minutes and paperwork of previous meetings on the Town Council website.


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