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Things which affect a wider area, or maybe the Fylde Coast in general

About this section

In this section you can find out about all the things that are happening which affect a wider area, or maybe the whole of the Fylde Coast.

It might be a longer term project being carried out by the council, public services, utilities or other local authorities, or developers - that kind of thing. And it's likely to be early notice of something that might eventually become a full new section in it's own right. Just not a quick bit of short lived news!

Get involved

Have you come across a story that you think everyone should know?

If you've heard some information which affects a wider area or a lot of people then by all means get in touch and tell us what you know.

You can email or ring 07932 143431

Don't forget the full range of social media too where you can join in with the conversation. The links are all on the right of each page.

Links to supporters

We work with lots of different businesses, organisations and individual people to bring you these websites.

Take a look at the very top menu on the sites to see their links.

If you'd like to see your business included in the pages which we publish, just get in touch.

Live here or visit we love it

'Are the websites for visitors or residents?' is a question we often get asked.

It doesn't matter whether you are lucky enough to live here, or love to visit. If you're interested then it's for you!


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