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ribble estuaryLooking across the Ribble Estuary

Walney WindfarmWalney Offshore Windfarm, seen from Cleveleys

LakesSnow dusted Lakes seen from Fleetwood

Views Across the Water

The outwardly curving coastline of the Fylde Coast provides different views across the water, of windfarms, sea traffic and far off coastlines.

The shape of the Fylde Coast, as it curves gently outwards from south to north, creates a series of different and spectacular views across the water.

In the south, from Lytham the Ribble Estuary carves a view across the water of Anglesey and North Wales, and in the foreground Southport looks close enough to walk across to.

From Blackpool the horizon is long and clear, with occasional passing ships, planes coming to the UK or to land closer to home at Blackpool Airport.

Further north along the coast approaching Bispham and heading towards Cleveleys the Offshore Windfarms come into view, along with the oil rig in the Irish Sea and ferries crossing from Heysham to Ireland. On the Visit Cleveleys site there is a whole section that documents the connection of the Walney Windfarm to land at Cleveleys during the summer of 2011.

Travel to the end of the Fylde Coast to Fleetwood and the River Wyre estuary, and the Lake District, Morecambe Bay, Heysham and Lancaster come into clear view.

It's amazing how the various landmarks look so different when viewed from the various places on the coastline, because of the way that the convex curve positions you at different angles.

You can find out much more in detail about the views from each of the main areas on the Fylde Coast by looking at the individual websites by using the links above. This is just an overview to give you a feel for the landscape.

Happy horizon watching! 


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