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Make Sure you Catch us on Facebook

13 January 2018

Mr Zuckerberg, who is in charge of Facebook, has decided that he's changing their news feed so that we all get to see more posts from family and friends and less stuff from brands.

I can see his point, because it's annoying having to scroll past waffle in your news feed. 

This is important.

Some answers to make sure you see our updates

The trouble is, our Visit Fylde Coast pages are also classed as a 'business pages'. That means our posts will also be weeded out of your news feed - whether we all like it or not. 

Now you see us then you won't - make sure you get posts from Visit Fylde Coast

Here are some answers to make sure that you don't miss out.

Do you enjoy our photos, posts, news, events, chit-chat and general information?

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Select 'See First' on Facebook

Facebook have actually said that if people select the 'See First' option for pages, they will get to see their posts.

The option is in the 'Following' button - this screenshot is from a desktop. Do the same thing on a mobile.

See first option for Facebook pages

If you do this with all of your favourite pages you can effectively personalise your news feed. I've done it with mine.

Join the new Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group 

I've taken action and started a new Facebook group.

You guessed it, it's called 'Visit Fylde Coast FB Group'. (Wow, that's original!)

Join the new Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group here

Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group

It's running alongside our existing pages so there is a chance you may see things twice. But like I always say, better to know twice than not at all.

Please join this group, join all your friends, the cat, dog, and anyone you know who might be interested! Plus which, you will of course be able to join in (which will be better, but posts will be approved first).

Get Notifications

For Groups (like our new one) selecting 'Get Notifications' is the best way to make sure that you don't miss anything.

You can also do it on a Page that you Like:

Get notifications

In a group simply select notifications. (It's under info on a mobile).

It will all come out in the wash

Like everything that these big tech giants do, they never tell you exactly what they're doing. We just have to figure it out for ourselves. 

We knew that this was coming and we'd already noticed a change in the visibility of all Pages in recent months (not just ours). It got worse over Christmas and it's accelerating since the announcement. We'll see what happens next.

Facebook are also penalising posts which encourage you to do something like commenting, sharing, liking or joining groups. They appear to be picking the words out and the posts simply don't get seen.

However, here at Visit Fylde Coast we've always tried to offer good, interesting and correct content, and always tried to do our best to show off the Fylde Coast in its best light, so hopefully our ethics will be rewarded!

This is going to affect businesses

The exciting news is that we've already got a fair way into a revamp of the Visit Fylde Coast websites, which will be launched as soon as I can get it finished - certainly this Spring. 

The new version will give you lots of opportunities to join in and together we can create a big, virtual community of like-minded people who all love this place. 

We do get a lot of web traffic from Facebook - after all many of us use it as a primary source of information. But it's not our mainstay - so if it's yours and you want to explore new ways of advertising your business when your visibility starts to drop, get in touch.

Read more about advertising your business here.

There's been quite a bit about this in the press, you might want to read this article about Facebook from the BBC

I'll leave you with an interesting quote from it:

For news organisations and publications, this might spell bad news: a lot of traffic comes from Facebook. With less prominence, expect some viral sites to very quickly go out of business.

We're not a viral site and we're not going anywhere, but we need your support, so please sign up!

NEW for Spring 2017: Sponsored Posts

12 April 2017

We offer an annual advertising package with the best value promotion for businesses who have a lot to say - but we know that not everybody wants to commit to a full year.

New for April 2017 we’re launching our ‘Sponsored Posts’.

It’s incredibly easy to organise and pay for online and is charged by the number of days that your ad runs, and makes promoting your business with Visit Fylde Coast child’s play.

Your sponsored post includes photos/artwork/poster images, written information about your business or promotion, contact details and a link to your website.

It appears on all of our website section landing pages and is shared to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Find out more here

Advertising helps us to help you

We love living on the Fylde Coast and we love publishing Visit Fylde Coast, to share the wonders of this place with people who live here and visit. It’s a pleasure to share information from the community and ‘seaside’ news too – whether that’s the latest big event or showcasing a particular stretch of beach or park.

We know that our readers love what we do too – that’s demonstrated by the number of people who visit our websites and who we reach each month through our Facebook pages, the number of subscribers and readers of our newsletter, and the number of people who follow us on our many social media pages.

But we don’t just have big numbers of followers – the statistics tell us what truly matters - that people really engage with our information, and that’s supported by the many emails which we get and feedback from word of mouth.

We always aim to provide good, accurate information and have worked hard to earn our place as a source which can be trusted. 

Publishing this product takes an enormous amount of time, effort and expense and we wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of our advertisers.

Entirely funded as we are by advertising revenue, it’s important that our advertising works effectively for companies who choose Visit Fylde Coast as a way of telling people about their goods and services.

So if you really want to support the area, advertise with us and also use the businesses who do.

Other advertising options

If you’ve got a lot to share, our annual advertising package offers even better value for businesses who want to showcase what they do across our websites, social media pages and email newsletter on an ongoing basis.

There are also other options for short term advertising.

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Visit Fylde Coast is published entirely independently by us here at The Rabbit Patch Ltd, we’re a creative company based in sunny Cleveleys.

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