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Advertise with Visit Fylde Coast

Advertise with Visit Fylde Coast

Promote your business with Visit Fylde Coast - to reach people who live here and visit

Visit Fylde Coast is a digital media product for people who love this great place

It doesn't matter whether people live here or love to visit, we've got a big, engaged audience of readers who are interested in what you've got to say!

There are various ways to share your story through Visit Fylde Coast

Best value - annual package


- Business pages
- Advertorial pages
- Events listings*
- Email newsletter*
- Social media coverage*

* depending on level purchased

From just £1.82 per week.

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- Event listing
- Competition
- Advertorial page
- Banner advert

Advertise online and add an entry in the weekly newsletter
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All short term/one off adverts come with social media posts.

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Advertising Policy

The Rabbit Patch Visit sites are funded by advertising revenue, we are not publicly funded.

Although we are not driven by money, to succeed and continue they clearly have to pay their own way.

We seek out and accept advertising from local and national companies which meet our own brand values, and will avoid promoting those who don’t. In line with national tourism promotion strategy we only accept adverts from hotels which are star rated.

Advertising can take the form of sponsorship, partnership or any other individual project of your own creation, or through our own business advertising package.

We are happy to run whole sections on a given subject, but where contentious information is the subject, it would be in a factual manner rather than us implying our endorsement.


"So far this year we have been given three Desktops, a laptop, a netbook and more to collect today!

"I can only put it down to your coverage.

"I’m beginning to think that you have the greatest penetration of all the media locally – and the fastest responses. You should tell your clients!"

Dave Carlos is the former editor of the Home Computing Weekly magazine, and wrote for a dozen other titles. Now retired he runs the Community Computer Clinic who we frequently help out. (7.1.15)

"in short ..miles better than most websites of this nature has a nice light, non corporate touch ..more power to your elbow"
Wayne Hemmingway MBE

'Being at the heart of the local community for the last 12 years, we naturally take our direct marketing campaigns very seriously. Value for money, coupled with broad readership numbers is a commodity which can be difficult to find using some of the local media outlets currently available.

'After an initial discussion with Jane, promoting with the Visit Cleveleys/Poulton website was a no brainer. The hard work that goes into keeping all the local sites fresh and news worthy with mounting hit numbers was immediately obvious, making our decision to be involved an easy one.

'I would highly recommend the visit Poulton/Cleveleys and Fleetwood advertising package as a good way of promoting to both local and far reaching audiences and wish it every success for the future.'
Mike Sanderson
Managing Director, Mike Sanderson Electricals

"Following the Breastfeeding Friendly initiative, an article and premises list was featured on the Visit Fleetwood website, which led to a greater awareness of the positive health benefits of breastfeeding being highlighted amongst local businesses.

"This has prompted many more new mothers to access the Visit Fleetwood website to view which premises they can visit, secure in the knowledge that they will not be asked to leave. Also local businesses have expressed an interest in participating in the scheme, and have approached us to ask if their business could also be added to the Breastfeeding Friendly premises list.

"The website has been most beneficial, in not only raising the profile of breastfeeding, but of highlighting the many diverse facilities available that are welcoming and accessible to young families."
Dawn E Clifton
Public Health Improvement Coordinator (Children and Young People)
Public Health Directorate, NHS North Lancashire

"I have just received your e-mail from Visit Fylde and can I just say that it is fantastic, bright, great layout and brilliant content. Keep it up, Thanks"
Ged Mills, Radio Wave


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