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The Seafront along the Fylde Coast

The Fylde Coast has a changing coastline, from the south at Lytham, through St Annes, Blackpool and Cleveleys, as you head north to Fleetwood.

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This is just a brief overview - you can find out much more about the seafront of each area from our individual websites - pick the area you are interested in from this menu of this section and head off using the links and travel around the coast from the comfort of your armchair.

The Fylde Coast is the peninsula of land on the north west coast of England, between the river estuaries of the Ribble in the South and the Wyre in the North.

Starting in the south, Lytham sits on the Ribble Estuary, with the attractive Lytham Green sat between the housing and town centre and the waters edge.

Following the coastline northwards, before you reach St Annes, the area around Fairhaven Lake is a green and natural habitat for wildlife and a popular leisure spot with locals and visitors. The Fairhaven area is where you would have previously found a huge dune system known at Starr Hills, part of which can still be found inland opposite the entrance of KEQMS, near to Clifton Hospital.

A little further north at St Annes the beach is huge and golden, with the outgoing tide retreating a long way down the beach, and not reaching the top stretch when it does come back in. Here you can also enjoy wide seafront gardens - the inner promenade road as you head north is flanked by a ridge of sand dunes which offer some protection from windblown sand.

Beyond the residential areas of St Anne’s but still in the borough of Fylde before you reach the Blackpool boundary around Squires Gate you’ll find a huge dune system which stands quite tall against the skyline and provides a rich habitat for rare and interesting plants and wildlife. 

Travelling north past Starr Gate you come to the Blackpool sea defences. The rest of the coastline from here right through to Fleetwood is a completely man-made sea defence, designed to protect the holiday resorts, areas of dense population and commercial properties from coastal flooding.

You'll next pass through central Blackpool with all the razzmataz of the Golden Mile and the three piers. Beyond North Pier the flat landscape changes as the road rises onto what is known as North Cliff - which is more of a hill really - where you can see spectacular views of the sea and of course the famous west coast sunsets.

Your next stop north is Cleveleys with a new promenade and past the seafront cafe an old section of seafront and a natural shingle beach.

Journey along the coast to Fleetwood. Man made sea defences give way to a natural and wild coastlinenear to Rossall Point Coastwatch Tower.

Before the approach to the docks is the beach adjacent to Fleetwood RNLI station, which is also a site of Special Scientific Interest, where you’ll find native sea holly, and all the wildlife which in turn the plants attract.

Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve, and the Wyreside Country Park at Stanah are accessed by inland roads but sit against the tidal banks of the river Wyre.

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Lytham seafront

St Annes seafront

Blackpool seafront

Cleveleys seafront

Fleetwood seafront


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