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Business news from the Fylde Coast

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In this section you'll find out about local businesses, what they do, their news, and opportunities.

There's a diverse range of businesses to be found along the Fylde.

Obviously there's a higher than average concentration on tourism and all the services which support it.

But there's also a large fish processing industry at Fleetwood. Specialist manufacturing and engineering at Hillhouse at Thornton which is also an Enterprise Zone.

Plus the sister Enterprise Zone at Blackpool Airport, retail centres all along the coast, and of course BAE at Warton.

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Live here or visit we love it

It doesn't matter whether you are lucky enough to live on the Fylde Coast or whether you love to visit.

These websites and the information in them is for everyone who is interested.

Come on in and enjoy!

Walney Substation
Walney Substation

Fleetwood Road North Thornton
Fleetwood Road North Thornton

Shops in Cleveleys town centre
Shops in Cleveleys town centre


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