Views from a Plane

Views from a Plane

We’ve been contacted by a local resident who had a completely unexpected and exciting experience recently. It led to him capturing some stunning views from a plane, from above the Fylde Coast.

This is what he told us:

“In my job, I am fortunate enough to travel all over Lancashire and was really pleased to be offered the rare opportunity last week to go up in a plane as a guest of the owners of the Black Knight parachute club, based in nearby Cockerham.

“You may often see parachutists tumbling out of the sky as you travel past Pilling on your way to Lancaster, and the parachute club are based on a farm on your left not far from the road. They have a tarmac runway, hangar, a Cessna plane and many keen skydivers from all over the countryside.

“At the front of the plane are two seats – one for the pilot of course, and one spare. If the plane isn’t at full capacity, weight restrictions allow for a guest to go up and what a chance!

Looking across the River Wyre and Fleetwood
Looking across the River Wyre and Fleetwood

“So, we took off from the airstrip and out over Morecambe Bay to gain height during about 15 minutes to a level of 15,000 feet. To do this we headed over Fleetwood and Knott End and then back over Cockerham whereby about ten brave souls jumped out and took the quick way down.

“At this point, the pilot then made what he referred to as a ‘rapid descent’, or a way to get back to the runway in about 4 minutes. This was a phenomenal experience and we even somehow got back to terra firma before some of the parachutists.

River Wyre with Blackpool Tower just visible on the coast
River Wyre with Blackpool Tower just visible on the coast

“As you’d expect, health and safety is the number one priority and at all times I felt 100% safe and in good hands, with a superb pilot, which took any worries away, but what a brilliant experience.

“Here are a couple of pictures to show you the view from above and it’s only at such heights you realise how much greenery there is in the area and how well laid out Fleetwood is when originally designed.

“A very lucky man and a brilliant experience that I’ll remember for a long time.”

Tim Dixon

Looking across the Ribble Estuary
Looking across the Ribble Estuary
Walney Windfarm
Walney Offshore Windfarm, seen from Cleveleys
Snow dusted Lakes seen from Fleetwood

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