Fylde Coast Town Centres

Fylde Coast Town Centres

When you come to the seaside be sure to visit the Fylde Coast town centres too. Each of the towns between Fleetwood and Lytham is very different, with a lot more than just shops to see and experience! (Pictured above: Cleveleys)

In this page we’ll take you on a whistle stop tour of Fylde Coast town centres. Follow the links to find out much more information about each place. The big annual events are also included, but there’s always something happening – find details in the events calendar. We’ll start in the north, in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood – the most northern of the Fylde Coast Town Centres

The town is right at the end of a peninsula of land, and Fleetwood town centre runs right through the middle of it.

From the pretty, Victorian seaside of The Esplanade, North Albert Street cuts inland. Around St Peters Church and the area of the market it turns into Lord Street. The long, straight high street goes right through to Fisherman’s Walk at the Asda end of the town, not far from Affinity Lancashire.

Lord Street, Fleetwood. One of the Fylde Coast town centres
Lord Street, Fleetwood town centre

Before you get to the end of Lord Street, Poulton Road turns off at right angles to weave its way past the Strawberry Gardens to Aldi and Gee Tees.

There’s plenty of free on-street parking in Fleetwood, along with pay and display car parks. Plus of course, you can use Blackpool Transport buses and the tramway, which shares North Albert Street and Lord Street.

Big events in Fleetwood

There are three big annual events held each year in Fleetwood. There’s Fleetwood Carnival, Tram Sunday and Fleetwood Festive Lights. Each are big community events which take place throughout the town.

As a traditional place, when you visit this Fylde Coast town centre you must of course go ‘to the seaside’. While you’re there, visit Fleetwood Museum which you’ll find on Dock Street, in one of the town’s oldest buildings. Take a walk around the Victorian seafront and soak up the atmosphere. See the two lighthouses, take a trip on the Ferry and visit the newly restored Euston Gardens.

Lord Street, Fleetwood. One of the Fylde Coast town centres
The Esplanade, Fleetwood.


Perhaps the most popular of the Fylde Coast towns, Cleveleys town centre is a busy and vibrant place all year round.

Victoria Road West, Cleveleys. One of the Fylde Coast town centres
Victoria Road West, Cleveleys town centre

This compact town centre forms a sort of an H shape. The tramway and main road from Fleetwood to Blackpool is parallel to the coastline, and the main shopping street joins them together in a ‘H’.

At Cleveleys you can find just about all of the shops to buy pretty much most things you might want. There are supermarkets, clothes, homewares, independent food shops (butchers, bakers etc) and much more. This town centre is looked after by an active Coastal Community Team, who are keeping it better than average.

When you visit this Fylde Coast town centre you can enjoy a spot of shopping, then sit and watch the world go by – maybe at a pavement cafe. Then head to the seafront for a lovely walk where you can sit and enjoy the view and visit the Mythic Coast artwork trail.

Cleveleys Promenade. One of the Fylde Coast town centres
Cleveleys promenade

Depending on your preference, you might want to visit the cinema or the children’s playground at Jubilee Gardens. Or maybe head to The Venue for a meal or an evening out.

Once a year the whole of Cleveleys is turned upside down by Cleveleys Car Show! It’s a huge event with the town centre closed off to traffic and the promenade packed full of all kinds of vehicles. It’s quite a sight and a great, free day out for all of the family.

and a little inland…Poulton

The market town of Poulton le Fylde was once the commercial centre of north Fylde, hundreds of years ago. Ships once came along the River Wyre to Skippool Creek and their goods were traded in Poulton market square.

Poulton town centre and market square. Fylde Coast town centres
Poulton town centre and market square

Today, Poulton market square is still used for the weekly general market on Mondays, and it’s still a busy little town.

There’s a good mix of high street names and independent stores, all centred around the market square itself and the pretty St Chad’s Church.

The big annual events are Poulton Gala in summer and the Christmas Festival on the first Friday of December.

Blackpool – the biggest of the Fylde Coast Town Centres!

Right at the center of the Fylde Coast is the place with something for everyone! Blackpool town centre blends shopping with entertainment, fun, theatre, bright lights and food!

Church Street Blackpool. One of the Fylde Coast town centres
Church Street Blackpool.

Let’s start with the first thing you think of in a town centre – the shopping. There’s the indoor Houndshill Shopping Centre and the surrounding streets where you’ll find large high street names and independent retailers. There’s Abingdon Street general market, not far from St John’s Square. Carry on in that general direction towards Blackpool North railway station and you’ll come to Sainsbury’s supermarket and Wilkinson’s.

At the other end of town towards the promenade and Central Pier is Bonny Street Market and the promenade shops. These sell general gifts and the types of things loved by tourists.

Much more than shopping!

But this Fylde Coast town centre is about so much more than just shopping. It’s a place to come and enjoy yourself, to soak up the atmosphere and feel alive! In summer and winter alike it’s got a special atmosphere all of its own. You can take in a show at The Grand Theatre or Winter Gardens, or enjoy watching the world go by in St John’s Square (below).

St John's Square, Blackpool. One of the Fylde Coast town centres
St John’s Square, Blackpool.

There are plenty of places where you can enjoy a coffee, light snack or an evening out too. From cafes and coffee shops to bars and clubs, there’s plenty to do in Blackpool town centre if you like entertainment.

This town is probably also the capital of the organised event!

There’s always something happening throughout the year. From being taken over by pigeon fanciers in January to legions of ballroom dancers, there are lots of big organised festivals taking place. Plus all of the big free events like the Airshow, World Fireworks Championships and Switch On weekend.

Speaking of Switch On, Blackpool does, of course, come to life each autumn for the Illuminations. Most of the display is along the promenade but the lights do extend to the town centre. Follow Brilliance from the promenade not far from North Pier to Birley Street for a sound and light installation.

Brilliant beaches

Blackpool town centre extends right to the seafront, with shops and attractions all along the promenade. No page about this particular town centre would be complete without mention of the spectacular seafront and all those miles of brilliant beaches!

Blackpool promenade and beach. Fylde Coast town centres
Blackpool promenade and beach

Redevelopment of Blackpool town centre

There is a lot of redevelopment and construction work taking place in Blackpool town centre.

The Talbot Road end of town near the railway station is undergoing a transformation. Work is taking place at the back of the Winter Gardens around the new conference centre. A new hotel is being built on the promenade. Central car park is being redeveloped as a major new attraction. It’s all very exciting and will transform the town for the future. However, it is causing some disruption in the short term.

All in all, Blackpool is one of the Fylde Coast town centres that everyone should visit!

St Annes Town Centre

Once you’ve left the bright lights of Blackpool, next stop south is St Annes. You’re now back to a traditional British seaside type of town. St Annes has its roots in the days of the original, traditional Victorian seaside, with grand hotels, stone buildings and wide streets. It’s a very attractive town, and very popular with families.

St Annes town centre is more or less a ‘T’ shape. The long stretch of seaside seafront joins the main high street at right angles, adjacent to St Annes Pier (below). So it’s quite a compact place and you can nicely incorporate a look around the town centre with a trip to the coast!

St Annes Main Street. Fylde Coast town centres
St Annes Main Street.

St Annes Road West is a very attractive high street, with gardens and shelters and places to sit awhile and watch the world go by. Enjoy your shopping and then stop for a bite to eat. Don’t forget to take a stroll through nearby Ashton Gardens.

St Annes Town Centre. Fylde Coast town centres
St Annes Town Centre

This is another place where you’ll find plenty of free on-street parking, along with pay and display facilities both on the main street and the nearby NCP.

Like the other Fylde Coast town centres, St Annes is also taken over several times a year by big community events. There’s St Annes Carnival and the Victorian Christmas Festival each year. Plus the Kite Festival, and a number of other events.

Lytham – the most southerly of the Fylde Coast Town Centres

Last stop in our exploration of town centres from north to south is Lytham.

Here, the main shopping street runs parallel to the coast road. Once you’re at Lytham Green all you have to do is turn inland and you’ll find Lytham town centre.

Lytham town centre. Fylde Coast town centres
Clifton Street Lytham.

It’s a very attractive town, where good looking buildings run along both sides of the tree lined street. Lytham town centre is home to many independent retailers, with a smaller number of national names than found in most towns these days. Even the department store is an independent.

Interspaced with the shops are cafes, restaurants and bars, including proper seaside fish and chips at Seniors! Whether you’d like to fuel your shopping trip during the day, or fancy an evening out, there are plenty of places to eat and drink.

Clifton Square is a nice spot to sit for a while on a sunny day. Enjoy watching the world go by and, in summer, enjoy the beautiful displays of flowers from Lytham in Bloom.

Lytham in Bloom. Lytham town centre. Fylde Coast town centres
Lytham in Bloom

Cross the high street here and head inland past the railway station and you’ll find the beautiful  Lytham Hall, where you can explore the house and grounds.

You’d be right in thinking that Lytham is also home to large community events throughout the year. Lytham Club Day takes over the town, as does the Wartime Weekend and Lytham Festival. In Winter the Christmas Lights Switch On is another big event.

While you’re here…

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our round-up of Fylde Coast town centres. If you think there’s anything we’ve missed please let us know.

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