How to Contribute to Visit Fylde Coast

How to Contribute to Visit Fylde Coast

We want to hear your stories and share your news – here’s how to contribute to Visit Fylde Coast.

We’re a small family team, and we are quite limited for time, so unfortunately we won’t be able to come along to your meetings and events ourselves. There are so many things going on and so many groups it would just be impossible for us to be everywhere all the time. Please don’t take it personally!

However, we REALLY want to know your news, so we’ll give you a bit of a hand in making sure that you give us all the information that we need to share your story. It’s not difficult to collect and handover what we need – you might just need a bit of guidance!

Here’s how to contribute to Visit Fylde Coast.

So many individual people and community groups are doing so many wonderful things all along the Fylde Coast.

  • We’ll publish news and stories online about individuals and community* groups who are doing great things, completely FREE of charge.
  • Everyone looks forward to sharing photos too, for which a full photo credit will be given.
  • Sorry professional photographers but we are not able to pay a fee to use your shots, but you can watermark your photos with your name/website (just keep it legible!)
  • If you just want to share a nice picture feel free to post it in the Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group

If you submit a photo you should:

  • Supply your name and the location of the photo
  • Make sure that people in the image have given permission to be photographed
  • Always get consent when taking photos of children
  • Only submit old photos which you have permission to share and are free of copyright restrictions
  • Remember that obscene or inappropriate images aren’t acceptable
  • We may use your photos across any of the Visit Fylde Coast channels now or in the future, but we will credit you each time we do so
  • Visit Fylde Coast cannot be held liable for the content of any photos which are published in good faith.

Paid Coverage/Advertise

The Rabbit Patch Ltd is the publisher/owner of Visit Fylde Coast. We are a private business and the product is independently published. Our earnings come from advertising revenue, therefore we are unable to publish business information free of charge.

We have a range of very affordable advertising options which you are welcome to take advantage of.

How to Submit your Story

Write your story down

You can type into the body of your email, or send a Word file – either is fine. You don’t need to do anything weird and wonderful, just tell a logical story in a clear and straightforward way. We can edit it and add things if you’ve underplayed it – or edit it down if you’ve said too much!

  • Ideally you need to include WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. If you cover all those questions, you’ll have all the details for your story.
  • If you’re covering an event, the venue, dates and times are the obvious things to include.
  • Don’t worry if you’re not very good at writing. It’s not a problem. At a minimum send a list of the main points and we’ll string it into exciting sentences for you and correct any spelling mistakes. It’s not an English exam – the news is the important thing not your grasp of grammar!
  • If you struggle with using a computer, email, sending photos and such like, just ask and we’ll give you advice. In the course of publishing these websites we’ve taught loads of people how to do many basic IT things. How to attach files to emails, use Facebook and suchlike. It’s all part of the fun!

Capture your story in a photo

If you’ve got a smartphone or digital camera you’ll be able to take a photo that’s suitable for a website. Website photos need to be a smaller file size anyway. But beware – if you do decide to print your photo onto paper a small file may look blurred.

Things to watch out for:

  • Make sure that everyone in the photo is looking at you.
  • Make sure that the frame is filled with the people you are taking so that they are big and clear when published.
  • But leave a little gap around the edge so that there’s a little room for cropping. (Like the header photo on this page).
  • Take a few frames so that you have a few to pick from in case they’re blurred, or someone is pulling a face or looking the other way!
  • If it’s a photo about something to do with people, then get people in the shot
  • If you’re outside and it’s windy, try to balance your camera/phone on something to steady it.

Just send your photos to us as the file (jpeg) that comes from your phone or camera. You don’t need to do anything to them – if they need cropping or resizing we can do that for you.

Submit your news, stories and photos:

All you need to do is email everything to

Would you like to be an Official Contributor?

Over the years we’ve made friends with so many lovely, interesting people. A lot of you share our fascination for sharing all things interesting. Some of you have been sending news, views and interesting things to us for a long time.

We REALLY appreciate your contribution and want to recognise your support as volunteers and a vital part of making Visit Fylde Coast what it is.

We also recognise that it’s useful to have a proper acknowledgement of what you’re up to when you’re collecting things to share. So we’ve produced a new Contributors Pack.

Contributor Pack - how to contribute to Visit Fylde Coast
Contributor Pack – how to contribute to Visit Fylde Coast

Included in each one is a lanyard to wear if you’re attending an event, a pin badge and a pack of business cards.

The business card fits in the pocket on the lanyard and serves as your identification. It includes Visit Fylde Coast contact details on the reverse so that you can show people where your content will be published, and how to get in touch with us if they have any queries.

There’s absolutely no obligation on you to do anything that you don’t want to. However in return for your help, it’s a good way to get access to things that you might not normally be able to do. Also, we sometimes have ‘special missions’ and projects that you can take part in too. So if you like rooting things out and looking in corners (so to speak) it’s perfect! And if there are any opportunities for free entry, special invites etc, we’ll let you know first about anything that’s up your street.

If you like the idea of being part of our ‘tribe’ (as goes the modern way of describing a gang like ours) then get in touch. Each pack is posted individually to the recipient, along with some sensible guidance notes.

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