Lest We Forget - WW1 Centenary 2018

Lest We Forget - WW1 Centenary 2018

In November 2018, the country will mark the WW1 Centenary. We’ll remember the 1.1 million service men and women who had lost their lives 100 years ago by the end of World War One.

Flags will be flying and poppy displays appearing everywhere this November. These are just a few of your projects and events to mark this big occasion.

The First World War claimed 16 million lives and changed the world forever

2014 marked 100 years since the First World War started. Then, and now in 2018 there are things happening to mark this major event. We’ll commemorate the lives lost, and remember the dead who gave their lives so that we might live as we do today. Not just in the First World War but in all other wars and conflicts since then.

We are all connected to the two great wars through our own families. They shaped the lives of your ancestors, your family and friends, and changed them forever. Just as they shaped the political landscape and left scars on the ground itself.

Lest We Forget – marking the WW1 Centenary in Cleveleys

In the Town Centre

Care for Cleveleys volunteers have remembered the fallen with a simple, but touching, display of poppies in the town centre. Individual blooms of recycled poppies first appeared between the real plants in the flower bed underneath the Rotary clock.

Poppy installation to mark the WW1 centenary in Cleveleys
Poppy installation to mark the WW1 centenary in Cleveleys

They were followed by further installations along the chain fencing near to the remembrance bench and traffic lights.

Poppy installation to mark the WW1 centenary in Cleveleys

At the British Legion

The British Legion in Cleveleys is marking the WW1 Centenary with a mural on the wall adjacent to the car park. We happened across the manager of the Legion in the last week of September 2018. Kim was patiently painting the first Tommy on the wall in black paint with a 1″ brush and a can of black paint.

To say that she says she’s not an artist, she was making a mighty fine job of it.

WW1 Centenary mural at the British Legion in Cleveleys
WW1 Centenary mural at the British Legion in Cleveleys

Marking the WW1 Centenary in Cleveleys

Marking the WW1 centenary in 2018 at Cleveleys British Legion

We wondered if anyone else with a plain rendered wall would like to recreate this mural? Kim would let you borrow the outlines of Tommy’s which she used to create this display, so all you need is the paint and a steady hand. If you are interested, please get in touch with Kim, the Secretary at Cleveleys British Legion.

Remembering the WW1 Centenary in Fleetwood

10,000 Poppies for Fleetwood in Bloom

You’ve probably seen the amazing displays of poppies in and around Fleetwood. They were put on display in the summer as part of the Fleetwood in Bloom entry. Volunteers have been making poppies throughout much of 2018 in order to achieve this amazing display.

Take a look and find out more about the Fleetwood poppy project here.

Remembering the WW1 Centenary
10,000 Poppies for Remembrance in Fleetwood
Marking the WW1 Centenary through Fleetwood in Bloom
Marking the WW1 Centenary through Fleetwood in Bloom

The Final Homecoming

Fleetwood Town Council, Wyre Council and partners are organising a mass participation community parade called ‘the Final Homecoming’ to mark the historic event.

Everyone is invited to take part . Schools, residents, community groups, veterans and serving personnel, re-enactment groups and local musicians are very welcome. It’s hoped that 1000 people will join the colourful and creative parade. The message of the event is cohesion, hope and peace. 

All about the Final Homecoming here

Remembrance Day Services

As usual, services to remember the fallen in conflict will take place in our towns and villages this November.

Find the details and times for Remembrance Day Services here

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