Wyred Up

Wyred Up

Wyred Up provides support for businesses which are based in the borough of Wyre. It helps you to find local suppliers and companies so that together we can help to make the local economy stronger.

Wyred Up Membership

Wyred Up is a fee paying service for members. The service was originally delivered free of charge to users following its inception in 2008. To continue delivering quality events and ensuring financial sustainability a membership fee was introduced in 2015.

The annual membership fee is £40 per business (max 2 people per event).


You can find out everything you want to know about Wyred Up on the website at www.wyredup.co.uk

Wyred Up Networking Events

Don’t be shy – come along and meet people! Where else would you be able to talk to people who are all shamelessly talking about their business and making new contacts.

They are friendly events too, so if you aren’t normally keen on networking but know that you should be doing it, it’s a good place to start.

At each Wyred Up event the venue varies but the format is similar. Plenty of opportunities for networking, followed by presentations from speakers on a variety of different local business subjects.

A buffet follows and more chance to chat with people and make new contacts, before ending at around 5.30pm.

Wyred Up events

Details for 2019 events coming soon.

EMAIL: For further information please contact regeneration@wyre.gov.uk or ring 01253 887282

Tips for Success at Wyred Up Business Networking Events

1. Make new contacts: get talking to people – get their contact details and agree when you will next make contact.

2. Meet for a chat: if you’re just getting to know someone, it’s often best to have an informal chat to get to know each other first. It’s a good step forward.

3. Set up a formal meeting: chats are great but they don’t pay the bills. At some point you need to set up a meeting to discuss how you can move towards being a supplier with an order for paid work.

4. Look for a referral: if you sell a rare left-handed widget and are offered a chance to be introduced to someone, then make sure that the comment ‘You must go and meet so and so, you’re just what they’ve been searching for’ turns into an appointment. Follow it up and get that proper introduction.

5. Opportunity for work: Don’t expect to go to every networking meeting and find a job, but there’s every chance that it could happen. If someone does suggest that they’d like to do business with you make sure that you get their details and follow it up afterwards.

6. Showcase opportunity: if someone gives you a chance to write for a magazine, newspaper or blog and showcase your services, make sure that you do just that!

Networking success at Wyred Up isn’t all about the orders that you get – it’s about the things that you learn, the people who you meet, the opportunities which you find. It’s also about meeting new prospectus and advancing existing prospects.

Register for your place at the next event on the Wyred Up website at this link.

Absolute Beginner?

If you’re completely new to networking you might be overwhelmed by the thought of a room full of strangers at the Wyred Up networking events. But don’t be, everyone there is just a regular person just like you and many of them might also feel nervous!

Work the room: don’t huddle at the side of the buffet or only speak to people who you know. Read the list of attendees and decide who you want to talk to.

Try and find the people who you will get most benefit from talking to – use your time wisely rather than passing the time of day chatting aimlessly.

Make sure you listen to what the other person is saying. Show an interest in them and their business. But also make sure you get a chance to talk about what you do!

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