Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside, as more than ten years later I still love living at Cleveleys. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at everyday life at the seaside, as I wander round from subject to subject. I can't help it but the weather often features, as do the ordinary things that we all do everyday, along with the very different things that you get to see and do here.


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Chrissie's Got Wind!
We tried to make a video blog on the seafront on Saturday afternoon - you can't hear a word for the wind!

Published: 31st August 2015 Modified: 31st August 2015
Boiling Water and Sweaty Fridges!
We still don't know where the end is to the water problem, and our fridge is getting fed up!

Published: 30th August 2015 Modified: 30th August 2015
Not many like doing it, I certainly don't, but at least it's easier now than in the 'good old days'

Published: 28th August 2015 Modified: 28th August 2015
Nice Afternoon for a Jolly
A busman's holiday to Poulton, plus animals that go bump in the night in today's blog

Published: 27th August 2015 Modified: 27th August 2015
Beautiful Blue Skies
Monday was a lovely day, perfect for a brew and a natter with friends after the beach clean

Published: 26th August 2015 Modified: 26th August 2015
Down Came the Raindrops....
We got caught in Sunday's monsoon - seeing the funny side I did my first video blog stood in the rain!

Published: 25th August 2015 Modified: 25th August 2015
Waifs and Strays
We seem to have a knack for injured and lost animals finding us...

Published: 23rd August 2015 Modified: 23rd August 2015
Bang, Crash, Wallop
Another accident on Cleveleys promenade, how many is that?

Published: 21st August 2015 Modified: 21st August 2015
Under a Bush, looking for Tim Burton!
Am I the only person on the Fylde Coast who has no idea who this years Switch On Star is?

Published: 20th August 2015 Modified: 20th August 2015
Boiling on the Fylde Coast
The weather has been far from boiling this summer, but the kettle has never been off with ongoing water woes!

Published: 19th August 2015 Modified: 19th August 2015
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