Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside - I still love living at Cleveleys after being here for more than 15 years. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at living beside the seaside, our mad family life and my view on local and topical current affairs. The weather often features, along with the very different things that you get to see and do when you live somewhere like this.

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How Clean is your Kitchen
Onto the subject of cleanliness and hygiene in restaurants, take aways, cafes and hotels and the like.

Published: 25th September 2016 Modified: 25th September 2016
The End of Discarded Things
The pop-up porta-cabin has finally gone, marking the end of the Rossall Beach Group event.

Published: 23rd September 2016 Modified: 23rd September 2016
Crafty Afternoon at the Cabin
An afternoon of playing nice in the sunshine on Monday.

Published: 22nd September 2016 Modified: 22nd September 2016
Great British Beach Clean
We had a great afternoon on Sunday here at Cleveleys for the Great British Beach Clean event, part of the national week of clean-ups

Published: 20th September 2016 Modified: 20th September 2016
Sunday with Chrissie - and the Great British Beach Clean
Some chatter about what we got up to yesterday and a reminder about another beach event this afternoon

Published: 18th September 2016 Modified: 18th September 2016
A Busy Week at Discarded Things HQ
Half way through the pop-up exhibition on the prom at Cleveleys, it's been declared a great success. Another big event to come on Sunday!

Published: 16th September 2016 Modified: 16th September 2016
Launch of Discarded Things
The launch of the Rossall Beach art project went really well - and there's lots more to see and do before it's finished

Published: 13th September 2016 Modified: 13th September 2016
A Golden Day to Remember
We had a fantastic day to remember on Saturday to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary

Published: 12th September 2016 Modified: 12th September 2016
Golden Day and a Golden Celebration
Hasn't this hot September weather been lovely, I hope it holds for my golden anniversary on Saturday!

Published: 8th September 2016 Modified: 8th September 2016
Summer in September
Sunday was a lovely day, perfect to make the most of before autumn arrives

Published: 6th September 2016 Modified: 6th September 2016
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