Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside, as more than ten years later I still love living at Cleveleys. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at everyday life at the seaside, as I wander round from subject to subject. I can't help it but the weather often features, as do the ordinary things that we all do everyday, along with the very different things that you get to see and do here.


If you’ve got anything to add, suggest or say, please join in on Facebook at Chrissie Blogger, or you can email me at puevffvr@gurEnoovgCngpu.pb.hx



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Spam, Spam, Spam...
I don't mean the tasty kind in a can, but the malicious stuff that causes havoc. Some warnings for you today!

Published: 26th April 2015 Modified: 26th April 2015
Mindless Vandalism and Toneless Singing
What goes off while no one is watching, and what goes off while hopefully no one can hear!

Published: 24th April 2015 Modified: 24th April 2015
Eye Eye Captain!
A very efficient set of eye tests in today's blog

Published: 23rd April 2015 Modified: 23rd April 2015
Sunny Days Continue
More lovely weather, tarmac and eye tests in today's blog

Published: 22nd April 2015 Modified: 22nd April 2015
Perfect Weather
It's been a lovely few days and hopefully set to continue, so find out what I've been up to in the sunshine

Published: 21st April 2015 Modified: 21st April 2015
The Burglar and his Accomplice
You'd laugh if you lived here!

Published: 20th April 2015 Modified: 20th April 2015
Glasses, Clothes and Lawnmowers
It's a funny old mixed bag in my weird world, just for a change, in today's blog

Published: 16th April 2015 Modified: 19th April 2015
Sunshine and the Spending Bug
This weeks nice weather has been glorious, plus new gadgets appear, in today's blog

Published: 19th April 2015 Modified: 19th April 2015
Friday Tales
A mixed bag of mutterings from me today, with funny things from our house

Published: 17th April 2015 Modified: 17th April 2015
Didn't we Have a Lovely Afternoon & Morning
Catch up on an afternoon out, then hilarity after the beach clean!

Published: 15th April 2015 Modified: 15th April 2015
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