Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside, as more than ten years later I still love living at Cleveleys. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at everyday life at the seaside, as I wander round from subject to subject. I can't help it but the weather often features, as do the ordinary things that we all do everyday, along with the very different things that you get to see and do here.


Please send your own thoughts and articles and we'll publish them here, credited to you. Just email text and jpeg photos to jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

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After the Storm comes the Beach Clean
Hurricane Gonzalo has been and gone, and left a whole heap of rubbish behind it!

Published: 30th October 2014 Modified: 30th October 2014
Shop 'til you Drop
Never ask a man to do a woman's work!

Published: 29th October 2014 Modified: 29th October 2014
Lazy Sundays
It's getting to the time of year for lazy Sundays on the settee!

Published: 28th October 2014 Modified: 28th October 2014
Beach Hut Plans for Blackpool
Plans are afoot to build traditional seaside beach huts in Blackpool, plus more seafront stories

Published: 26th October 2014 Modified: 26th October 2014
Tarmac Tales
Part three of a week trying to lay tarmac in the middle of the Magic Roundabout!

Published: 25th October 2014 Modified: 25th October 2014
The New £55 Diagnosis
Proposals to pay for each new Dementia diagnosis

Published: 24th October 2014 Modified: 24th October 2014
No Parking... and No Pots!
Motorists have been rightly banned from parking in the middle of the roadworks, and with two men missing, there are a lot less pots to wash...

Published: 23rd October 2014 Modified: 23rd October 2014
Stormy on the Sea Front
The back end of ex-hurricane Gonzalo made for a stormy day yesterday here on the Fylde Coast

Published: 22nd October 2014 Modified: 22nd October 2014
A Motorist and His Parking Space are Seldom Parted...
Roadworks on the prom aren't going to part people from their parking spots...oh no!

Published: 21st October 2014 Modified: 21st October 2014
Whatever Next?
Disappearing Custard and Drive Through Funerals - whatever next indeed!

Published: 20th October 2014 Modified: 20th October 2014
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