Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside - I still love living at Cleveleys after being here for more than 15 years. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at living beside the seaside, our mad family life and my view on local and topical current affairs. The weather often features, along with the very different things that you get to see and do when you live somewhere like this.

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Summer's Here, Best be Quick and Enjoy it!
As summer seems to come and go as fast as the tide, when it's here you have to enjoy it there and then!

Published: 25th August 2016 Modified: 25th August 2016
Anyone for Rain?
A brief interlude from the wet stuff on Sunday, but back to it with a vengeance on Monday!

Published: 23rd August 2016 Modified: 23rd August 2016
Summertime and the Weather is Lovely...
Well yesterday was a washout if ever there was one, with rough weather here on the Fylde Coast

Published: 21st August 2016 Modified: 21st August 2016
Speeding and Splashing
Ongoing speeding problems on the seafront, and ongoing resentment at splash pad fees in today's blog

Published: 19th August 2016 Modified: 19th August 2016
Dental Matters
I escaped the dentists unscathed, but my poor fur-baby has got a poorly mouth.

Published: 18th August 2016 Modified: 18th August 2016
Let's Move to the Seaside...
I never for one minute thought that I'd ever end up living here, when I was on holiday and sat on the beach in the 1970s

Published: 16th August 2016 Modified: 16th August 2016
Baby Seagulls and NHS Prescribing
Two totally unrelated, random subjects in Sunday morning's blog!

Published: 14th August 2016 Modified: 14th August 2016
Clocks, Watches and Small Potatoes
Today is a random chit-chat kind of day, welcome to my world!

Published: 12th August 2016 Modified: 12th August 2016
The Eyes Have It
Blurry vision after an eye test makes for an excuse to clean the foam off!

Published: 11th August 2016 Modified: 11th August 2016
Our Afternoon with the Red Arrows
The Red Arrows did a special fly-past for the Rossall Beach Group on Sunday afternoon

Published: 9th August 2016 Modified: 9th August 2016
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